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We boarded our transportation from Heathrow Airport which would take us to our Hotel in Westminster. It was a small bus, with several others aboard. The trip to the hotel was approximately another 45 minutes of travel time. When we arrived at the Double Tree Hilton in Westminster I took a photo, we finally made it to the hotel, only 9 hours late!

Our hotel in Westminster

We checked in and quickly went to our room awaiting the arrival of the luggage. It came shortly and we settled in a bit. Within a few short minutes we were talking about our friends we were suppose to meet, wondering what they had been through considering we weren't here the whole day.

Out the window from our room. Lots of construction.

Suddenly, our room's phone rang. Hubby answered, it was our friends, Dave and Kathy! They were down in the lobby. Immediately, we went down to greet them. It was very exciting to finally see them. We all went to the bar for a drink. It turned out they had some issues also, and had just arrived themselves. We did some quick catching up and decided to head somewhere for dinner. 

We went walking until we found where we wanted to eat for dinner. We enjoyed visiting and walking that evening, and made plans to meet the following day. We had walked to Trafalger Square and decided it was the perfect place to meet the following morning. The room they were staying in was in the opposite direction of ours. It seems there are "only" 5 Hilton's in Westminster, so they ended up with a room by the wrong Hilton. Not a problem, it all worked!

Here are a few statues I took photos of along the way to Trafalger Square.


Nelson Mandela

Oliver Cromwell

25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658

To learn more about Oliver Cromwell, if interested, check out this link from Wikipedia, where I obtained the above information.


(Apologies for tiny print, and above link not absorbed in the word Wikipedia. I am having an issue highlighting in this post all of a sudden...hope to have that corrected by next post!)

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