Recorder ~ Prompted from The Book of Me Written By You Series

Many of you may already know that I am participating in Julie Goucher's "Book of Me Written By You" prompt series. I have really enjoyed this and am surprised by how many memories come back to me with each prompt I work on.

After I worked on the very first prompt, I thought it would be so great if my father would do this. I know this would never happen, because my sister and I have both given him books to fill in about his life, he has never written a word.

So, I have come to the conclusion that I need to get a recorder and go up to his house at least once every six weeks and talk with him about each prompt. This, I am pretty confident he would do. 

I have a bit of open time coming up soon to go visit my dad (no dog or grandchildren bookings) but I need to buy a recorder. I was looking at Livescribe pens, but wow, they are expensive. I will do some research and see what else is available. 

I thought about using my video camera to record these sessions, but I need to refresh my memory about how much time I have available to record, maybe it is an hour, I am not sure.

I have been so impressed with this series, I even have my husband writing! 

If you haven't been a participant, I suggest you check it out, it is not to late to catch up! You can find the prompts at Julie's blog Anglers Rest, you can hook up with Julie on Google + , she is even doing hangoutsGeneaBloggers is also announcing these prompts, the first one is here. On Facebook, you can check out the private group "The Book of Me Written By You". If interested, you can ask to join. 

What product do you use for recording? Any recommendations? How much do you love Livescribe? If you have a Livescribe pen which one do you have or recommend? Small and less obtrusive seems best to me.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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