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At one point during the last month or two prior to leaving on this trip, I received and email from one of my cousin's wife (the couple we were going to be staying with) asking what we like to drink in the morning's, coffee or tea? She also wanted to know what we liked to eat and if there was anything we didn't like to eat. I jumped on that one very quickly and let her know I do not like fish! There are a couple I will eat, but it was just easier to say I don't like fish because that really is the truth. I did let her know that my husband loves fish, so not to make any changes for me, I can always make do. I also let her know that we love coffee, thank you very much. I asked her not to go out her of way for us, we both adapt really easy. I didn't want her stressing about having to do anything extra for us. 

She offered us a little cottage they had on their property. It didn't have a bathroom, but we could use the one in the house. She hoped we weren't disappointed with what they had to offer. I was thrilled that they offered us anything, after all none of us have met before and we are really strangers to one another. I assured her whatever she had to offer us was wonderful! The weekend we were to come to stay with them, plans of having her grandchildren stay at their home were already set or she would have offered us a room in the house. I was happy she offered anything like I said! 

I tried to put myself in her shoes. What would I have done if a family member came to me and asked if some couple could stay at my house for a week or so and no, not one of us knew a thing about these people, really. The cousin who asked and I have communicated online for a few years since he found my blog, but that was the extent of it. She must have trusted my cousin to allow herself to do this, especially when she wasn't even the one involved in the genealogy! Brave heart she is!

Her name is Ann-Cathrine and my cousin I have been conversing with is Jan. They both asked me, what was it I would like to do when I got there to their house. I thought about it for awhile and replied...

"I would like to go to the National Archives in Harnösand (which is where Jan lives). I want to go see if I can find my great grandmother and her daughter's grave. I would like to go to Aborråsen, where our families first settled." 

The header of this blog is centered around pictures Jan has taken of Abborråsen. Few buildings are left standing, but there are a few, and I would like to go see them.

I also told them I wanted to go through photo albums, copy pictures, meet other family members, and see any paperwork Jan has on the family. I wanted to spend time with them and get to know them. I already knew Ann-Cathrine's husband for sure didn't speak English nor did Jan's father. Jan called me once and surprised me. He spoke English better than he thought he could so I knew we would be able to communicate. I was sorry I hadn't started learning Swedish sooner, I just ran out of time. I lost a few months when my husband had the three way bypass unexpectedly. But, it is what it is and we will all communicate somehow.

Beyond these things, I told them both that they could pick and choose some things to show us as we didn't know really what to ask to see other than my original genealogy ideas. I don't know if I mentioned before or not, but my husband is NOT into genealogy and I was a bit concerned this part of the trip would be rather boring for him. I wasn't sure what he would do because he doesn't sit still well and is always on the go. Not speaking the language in a foreign country we will be in for a week will be something new to him too. 

He admitted it may be tough but for three days or so he could do it. Did I not tell him we were staying for a week? I knew he would do what he had to for my sake, but I think we were both concerned. I tried very hard not to worry or think about it much. He talked about flying home after the cruise, but I told him no, I wanted him to be there. I sure hope the cruise goes well, this part of the trip is more for him, so I am crossing my fingers.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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