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Time is getting closer for "MY" Swedish Adventure and I am starting to get really excited! I never thought this would ever happen. We have paid for the cruise, hotel rooms, transfers, and airline tickets. So now, the only way we wouldn't go would be due to health issues or some emergency.

There are a couple of things not quite settled yet, however. 

First, we needed a motel room for the one night in Gothenburg. 

Our travel agent booked that for us, piece of cake.

Next, when we leave the ship in Gothenburg, will we need transportation booked to get to our hotel?
 The following morning, we are flying to Sundsvall and I am not sure how far the airport is from our hotel, do we need to book transportation to the airport also?

Something else we haven't finished, what day are we coming home?

We decided we need to go see our travel agent once again. 

We verified all our bookings with him and made sure everything was in order. He explained we could take a taxi to the hotel from the ship in Gothenberg and when we leave the next day, a taxi once again to the airport to go to Sundsvall. 

Gothenberg is taken care of!

From Sundsvall, my cousins were planning to pick us up. They were also taking us back to the airport 8 days later. When we come back to the airport and fly to Stockholm, how were we going to get to the hotel there? Our nephew said he would come and get us, nice.

I kept wanting to stretch the trip out as long as I could, so I would have plenty of time with my cousins to do everything I wanted to do. It went from my husband saying we can come home on Saturday, to finally me stretching it out until the following Tuesday. I wanted to stay at my cousins for a full week and spend a few days with our nephew and his family also. I chose the return date and the travel agent book the flight home.

So, at this point, the only thing I am still waiting for is our nephew to book a room for us in Stockholm.  I gave him the actual dates and messaged him a couple of times and he explained the hotel was booked and he was having a difficult time getting a room for us, let alone at the family rate!

As time went by, I finally called our travel agent and asked if he would please make a reservation for us in Stockholm, one with a 24 hour cancellation notice if possible. If our nephew eventually gets us a room in Stockholm I can cancel the one the travel agent booked. We would prefer to stay where our nephew works, but if there isn't a room, there isn't a room. Our travel agent graciously booked us a room for back up.

A week or so before it was time to leave on this vacation my husband went back to our agent and picked up the whole package of our bookings, all printed out nice and neat. There were a number of papers, I must say. I wasn't able to go with my husband, so when he and I were home together we went through all the paperwork, which was in order, to make sure everything was there that we needed, and it was.

Next...time to think about packing.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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