"My” Great Swedish Adventure~Resan~Leaving~Post 11

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It was morning, August 16th, 2013.

I reflected on the packing I had done. I was trying to travel lightly and knew my luggage was heavier than I would have liked. Last minute I decided to throw my laptop in the suitcase, but that wasn’t the plan. I didn’t pack a coat, was that a mistake? Maybe I needed warmer clothes…no, it was time to quit thinking about what I may be missing. It was time to throw my last minute toiletries into a suitcase.

I went about checking the house to make sure things were at least ok for my daughter’s mother-in-law who would be at the house later today. Again, I told myself, there wasn’t anything more I could do for her at this point. I was out of time.

The next thing I knew, my husband and friend came in the house letting me know it was time to go to the airport. I was in the yard cleaning last minute “dog surprises” and told them I would be there soon. By the time I was ready, they were outside waiting for me.  I finished last minute things took a deep breath and looked around the house. Well, this is it, my dream vacation! We will be gone almost a month, we have never been gone that long before. I gave the dog an extra hug and hoped at his 13+ years he would be ok until we returned. Well... this is it!

The drive to San Francisco Airport flew by…no pun intended! Our friend seemed to drive slow but we were at the airport in less time than normal, how could that be? Quickly, we unloaded our luggage, said our good byes to our friend and thanked him for taking us to the airport.

 I remembered this time to pack all of my liquids in the suitcase and not my carry on, so going through security was a breeze. Check in for my luggage was a bit scary however. I was so sure my large suitcase was over the weight limit. It was put on the scale and weighed in at...forty nine and a half pounds! Whew, I made the weight limit by a half a pound.

We found our terminal with two and a half hours to spare. It was 10:30am and our flight was to leave at 1:00pm. Our destination was Heathrow Airport, London. I settled in a chair and played Suduko on my phone. Eventually, I started talking with the gal sitting next to me. She said their plane was delayed by two hours. No wonder the terminal was so crowded I thought. Their plane finally was ready and the terminal cleared out considerably. I continued my Suduko game, waiting for our flight.

Twelve thirty rolled around and not a plane in the run way. By 12:45pm it was announced there was a delay with our plane. I was sure it would be a two-hour delay because that was how long the gal next to me said their plane was delayed. Two o’clock came around, then 2:30…by 3 o’clock, it was announced we still didn’t have a plane. We were told our plane had something wrong with it and it was being worked on. As soon as they hear anything new they would let us know.

We had been sitting there for four and a half hours already. Hubby and I took turns going for a walk around the terminal, but never to far away. Four o’clock came and it was announced they hadn’t heard anything new. Then, at 5 o’clock they said the same thing. Finally, we decided to go for a longer walk and took our luggage with us. We did some shopping, which helped pass some time.

By six o’clock we were back at the terminal and people were really getting antsy. Hubby went to talk to the gals at the desk. He told them that we could have gone home and come back again we had been there so long. 

Are we going to get a plane or not? 

What was the plan? 

Would we need to book a room for the night?

To be continued in next post....

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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