The Book of Me Written By You ~ Prompt 4 ~ Favorite Season

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

Prompt 4 - Favourite Season

Do you have one?
A Happy Memory or association

Close your eyes and imagine your favourite season – write down what you see, feel, hear.


My Favorite Season

I have a favorite season
Years ago I'd have chosen two
Summer and winter it would have been
Now winter will have to do.

Back when summer was included
I was a lot younger then
Swimming was a favorite
The pool was close to our den.

Twenty years I've had a pool
No matter where I've been
Another ten without a pool
But a large spa has filled in.

The times oh how they have changed 
 I find I have gotten much older
It is clearly now I despise the heat
I really prefer it being colder.

Winter has always been my favorite
I'm sure Christmas is one reason
Another may have something to do
With it being a crafty season.

I have fond memories of watching it rain
Making everything outside glisten.
While sitting inside by the Christmas tree
Records of old crooners I would listen.

Snow is a favorite for many people
But it is to bright for me to see,
Some like to ski or make a snowman
But keep the snow away from me!

My favorite is the rain, although
I enjoy a clap of thunder or two
Lightening keeps the mind alert
Of what can happen to you.

I am basically a romantic I suppose
I say let it be cold and rainy
I'll stay in the house with a fire going
Snuggling is a no brain-y.

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