“MY” Swedish Adventure ~ Förbereda ~ A Hiccup ~ Post 4

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It has been a long while since I have blogged about this adventure. The last post in this series was February 11, 2013. We had a large twist in our life as my husband had a mild heart attack on February 13. He was admitted to the hospital on February 14, and spent approximately a week in a hospital in Walnut Creek and about another week in San Francisco. 

What was the reason for being in the hospital so long?  There wasn’t a bed available in either Santa Clara or San Francisco hospitals where they needed to do the bypass surgery. The surgery finally happened when he was admitted to the hospital in San Francisco. He recuperated very well and rather quickly, and is doing great.

It was at least May until I was able to think about getting back to my normal routine. By then, I was far behind on everything I wanted to accomplish, planning our trip, learning some Swedish, etc. 

Before we could work on my dream vacation again, we were off on an Alaskan cruise! We had been invited to go with some friends on this cruise which left out of San Francisco, and meant no airline tickets involved. Of course, we were concerned if my husband was ready for a trip like this, but he was looking forward to it, so this became my next venture to work on.  

Our Alaskan Cruise was great! My husband enjoyed the cruise and did very well, actually better than I expected. This turned out to be another great motivator for both of us to “live life, do everything we want, while we can.” My husband’s health issue was the first eye opener, but then enjoying our trip so much sealed these thoughts even more. We came home really anxious to plan our next trip, “My Swedish Adventure!”

A few trips to speak with the travel agent, several times changing plans, making contact with folks we hoped to meet along the way and trying to make everything mesh was a challenge! My husband was concerned about meeting my cousins and what was he going to do when we “did genealogy things.” He expected we would spend three days with my cousins, how would I ever convince him we needed to spend even more time with these people we didn’t know? The planning continues….

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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