“MY” Swedish Adventure ~ Förbereda ~ Choosing our Cruise ~ Post 5

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I can’t begin to tell you how many times we changed our minds on which cruise to take. We liked different stops on each cruise! Of course, we had decided we didn’t “need” a stop in Sweden because we could always fly from London to wherever we decided we wanted to go.

There were a few things that did help us make a decision on which cruise to take.
  •  First, and one of the most important things, when was my son in law’s mother available to come stay at our house? She was already planning on being gone for three months prior to our trip and had an event she needed to be available for after our trip. This narrowed down the timing actually quite a bit. 
  •  Then, of course I needed to think about my cousins and when     was a good time for them to take off time from work.
  •  I wanted to be in Sweden when it was nice weather and not   winter.
  •  Was there anyone we knew that we could meet at chosen ports of calls?
  •  Where would we like to be at the end of the cruise?

Have I mentioned we love cruising? In a previous post, I believe I said we had recently returned from our first cruise to Alaska. It was beautiful and we enjoyed it more than we expected. This trip was three months after my husband’s heart surgery and I wasn’t sure he was ready for it, but he was really looking forward to it and did great. The Baltic cruise I was planning was to be my seventh cruise. Who would have ever thought I would be such a cruiser!

The ports of call for this cruise ~

  •      Copenhagen, Denmark
  •      Stockholm, Sweden
  •      Helsinki, Finland
  •      St. Petersburg, Russia
  •      Tallinn, Estonia
  •      Gothenburg, Sweden
  •      Harwich, England

I know, I know…I said we didn’t need stops in Sweden, but during the time we wanted to cruise this was the cruise that fit our schedule the best!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Officially envious. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Ditto...I have ancestors from Denmark and Sweden...would dearly love to go! Keep the commentary coming!

  3. I can feel the excitement through your post. :) I have recently been planning a trip to Sweden for this summer and I get those giddy butterflies. I NEVER travel, so I have this fear something will come up and I won't be able to go. I suppose I am a pessimist? lol.

    Whatever you decide, I hope you have a lovely time!

  4. Linda and Dani, I will give as much info as I can about Sweden when I get to that stage! Would love to know where in Sweden you are each interested in!

  5. Sounds wonderful! Stockholm is where my paternal great-grandfather was born.


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