Those Places Thursday ~ San Francisco Public Library

Finally, someone to traipse around and do genealogy things with! 

Angela and I hooked up and took a trip to the San Francisco Library a couple of weeks ago. We each had been wanting to get a library card from there so we could use their online information.

Book sale at the library.

As much as I hate driving in the city, it wasn't a bad drive at all. We arrived without incident. As always parking is a premium in San Francisco. Many cars were parked in the middle of the street, here, there and everywhere. I followed suit and off we were, anxious to see the library.

We applied for our card, done on a computer in the lobby. It took no time at all to get our cards and off we went to explore.

The library has many off the wall angles and shapes.

Upon checking out the library, I thought I found some information on one my daughter's second uncles. The name was correct, the occupation was correct, so I asked if they would pull the file for me. After going through the file a couple of times we finally found what I was looking for and darn it, no, it wasn't him. It was fun though to get so excited thinking I found some information on someone and I really wasn't even looking for it. That's ok, this will be filed in my "searched but negative file." 

(It wouldn't surprise me a bit if I find out one day this particular person IS part of the family.)

We did get lucky and find a bit of information Angela was specifically looking for. Up on the sixth floor, where most genealogical information is found, we located a few addresses.  

We found a little vegetarian cafe on the corner, where we had a great lunch.  Before we knew it, it was time to head back home. We walked to the car where I found a parking ticket on my windshield. Not really surprised about it, but curious how much the charge was going to be.  

Upon checking out the ticket, I was initially surprised ~ $57.

Then, I thought about it. How can anyone put a price on a great day?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Sounds like you two had a fun and wonderful day! So glad you were able to go and get your library cards . . . not so great getting the ticket, but like you said, the day was priceless!

  2. It was a good day. Now if I can only find time to use that library card...LOL

  3. We just moved to California and the library system near me is not very strong. So wish I lived closer to San Francisco! Glad to hear you had a successful day!


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