My Sister's Move

A couple of weeks ago I had the great honor of helping my daughter's family move. Yes, I know the title says "My Sister's Move." We will get there soon, I promise. 

When I went to my daughter's house, just about everything still needed to be packed. She is so busy for sure, but still, so much to pack? Wow. I jumped in and quickly became one of the packers, movers and cleaners of the old house. I became shelf liner and cleaner at the new house, and unpacker also. This kept me busy for a good week or so. I was so happy when I was done, it was a lot of work in really a short amount of time. When I was done, I was done!

I want to know when the rules changed about moving? When did it become popular to pack and move on the same day? I have never heard of that before, and now it has happened twice in a very short amount of time. I knew though, after this one, I wasn't helping anyone else move for a very long time! I would only pack and move myself if that had to happen, but no one else! Summers are hot here in California, and moving is not fun in summer. Both of these moves were in the heat of summer but thankfully it wasn't 100 degree temps on those days, close, but we didn't hit the triple digits.

So why do I tell you all of this? As hot, miserable and tired as I was by the second move, I kept going. I did not stop because my sister needed assistance. It is like genealogy, we don't stop if we get hot, miserable and tired do we? We don't stop if we get to many piles of paperwork that need to be filed or have piles of scanning to do or if we decide to re-organise our system, do we? We may take a break, as I did, and then we keep plugging along, maybe helping someone else or asking for help for ourselves. We may stray away from brick wall issues for awhile, but we don't quit, we always come back. Once involved with our family tree we seem to get hooked. Which brings me to this~
As I was packing some of my sisters things I ran across a birth certificate for my maternal grandfather! I did not have a copy of that, nor did I know there was one within the family. The more I went through her things, the more I saw that I wanted to scan. I couldn't for the life of me understand why my sister had the items she did, after all, I am the family historian!  The more I thought about it though, I did understand how she probably came upon some of these things, but now I WANTED THEM!

We chatted and she was very willing to let me scan the items, and/or even keep certain things. She had a special place in her heart for one item though, and I can't say that I blame her. I promised I would give her back this particular album just as soon as I scanned it. It is an album I never knew existed until that very moment she told me about it and brought it out to show me. She thought I knew about it, but I didn't. I wasn't aware of many of the paper documents she held either.

There was a reason I was called to assist with this second move. A reason besides helping my sister, which is a given. I was suppose to find and learn of these items. I never would have thought my sister had such treasure. How lucky can I be? I was directed to receive this wonderful gift, as if I had "earned" the right to know about them... but why now? I may have been directed to these items because they will be so much further away from me now, maybe the opportunity will never come for me to see them again? Who directed me? I can not answer these questions, I am just grateful it happened. I learned something I never knew. I have new information to add to the "story."

My other sister lives on the other side of the country, now I am wondering what she may have in her possession...

I have scanned all of these documents (photos, certificates, and special treasures) and did so within the first few days of receiving them. I suspect I scanned a couple hundred items. My sister has moved a couple hours away, so I still have these pieces of treasure, until we meet again.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Isn't it funny the things they don't think to mention?!? Glad you got them!

  2. I'm so glad you found the things you did. Your story leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy. LOL.
    PS I haven't heard of packing and moving the same day.

  3. PPPS I love your new blog background!

  4. Yes, you are very lucky to have found them and been able to scan them!
    The fact is that we never know what happens, it may be something we really did not expect , but that turns out to be very good...
    Good luck with your new family treasures ....
    ...and it's probably best that you ask if your other sister also has some family treasures .......;)

  5. Debbie, it is really interesting how they don't mention these things! On the other hand, I am not convinced some of them even think about what we may want or need because they don't understand or don't even think about it due to lack of interest.

    Michelle, thank you so much for all of the comments, I appreciate it!

    Yvonne, I am lucky, but also feel it was meant to be! I still haven't asked my other sister what she may have. I can't seem to even get a copy of birth certificates from her...sigh.


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