I have given up a couple of things in my life right now to give me time to do other things that are more important to me, one of which is time sensitive. By giving these two things up, I have gained an extra 7 hours in a week! Definitely time I can use!

One of the things I have been wanting to accomplish is to get my "New" tree completed. I miss researching. I told myself over a year ago that I would not do any researching until I get this tree done. 

Did I say I miss researching?

I have spent some time this week working on my tree and feel like have accomplished more than I have in the past year! To date I have added over 1000 people with the details of their lives I have thus far and have everything sourced. I finally feel I am getting somewhere! I have primarily been working on my birth father's line, and have much more to add. 

Did I say I missed researching?

Someone asked me why I get don't use a Gedcom to enter my information. My answer is, by entering every bit of information myself I feel I am learning those details I don't remember or have never quite resonated with me. This time I believe more is making sense, I can put two and two together, and I find I am questioning things I may never have otherwise. 

Did I mention I miss researching?

When someone asks me about researching genealogy, I always caution them about making sure they are ready for ANYTHING they may find, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know most genealogists feel the same way, right? Do you mention this to newbie researchers? 

Did I mention I miss researching?

Yesterday, while I was entering data, there were questions that came up regarding a couple of deaths. My heart sunk when I realized a couple of similarities in these deaths. Such sadness. So, I bet you can guess what I needed to do, right? Yes, RESEARCH! 

I think I mentioned I missed researching...

It didn't take long, I uncovered a story that is so far off what I was imagining. My feelings went from sadness and compassion to major shock. From there I eventually went to denial, anger, and more shock.     More sadness...and then I realized this is one of those stories you wish you never found! But I did, so now I am slowly letting it all process and have reached out to another for more information.

Did I mention I miss researching?

This is not the first time in the many years I have worked on my genealogy that I have learned something shocking, and it may not be the last. I am still processing....

I think I will take a break from researching....

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Don't we love researching? I'm glad you were able to find time to do it, although there was some new, not so pleasant, surprises in your family. I enjoyed this piece.

  2. Doing genealogy for so long now that researching is never ending. We all have bones lurking in our closets. Sometimes the shocking things we dig up do make us feel like we need to get a shovel and bury them back but that would be pointless for someone who loves to research. Keep researching!

  3. Researching will never stop, it will be a life long journey! Thank you for your comments Barbara and The Path Traveled, they are greatly appreciated!


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