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Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding "My" Swedish Adventure, I can share that I have been asked lots of questions, mostly by family members ~

When are we going? 
Do have the exact dates? 
How long will I be in Sweden? 
How long will I be gone? 
What would I like to do while in Sweden? 
Do I like to eat fish? 
etc., etc. ...

I was first asked by my daughter's mother in law when we will be going. It is only natural that she ask because she will be coming from Arizona to California to stay at our house while we are on my dream vacation. We are very fortunate to have her stay at our home and care for our deaf, aging dog as well as keeping an eye on the house. The plan works perfect for her, she gets to spend time with the grandchildren (the prince and the princess) and cover my "shifts" when I would normally care for them, plus she has a place to stay for free! This also gives her a place to go for quiet time too, if she so wishes. 

Of course, my family in Sweden is asking questions also. Working family members want to take the time off to be with us while we are there. Just like here, they need to put requests in for vacation time very soon to guarantee getting the time off. Min cousin, (my cousin) Jan writes ~ "Vi tar ut semester den veckan vi samtliga." Google Translation ~ "We take out holiday that week we all." I feel so honored!

I have given everyone involved a temporary time period of our vacation, which is the best I can do at this point. We plan on doing a bit more than just meet my cousins in Sweden. To make this trip more exciting for my husband (he still doesn't totally get the genealogy aspect), he wants to take a CRUISE

We (I should say "I") have chosen a cruise I would like to do from a 2013 cruise catalog. We have actually found a couple of cruises we would like to take, there are pros and cons with each cruise. Dates have become the main factor. We have a couple of travel agents making sure there isn't another cruise available covering what we would like to do at the right time. This is difficult for me, the waiting. I see something I want to do that works for me, I just want to go ahead and book it. My husband on the other hand is one to double check everything, which is good I suppose, there may be something I am missing.

Planning this trip also becomes a bit more tricky as we try to visit other friends and relatives as well. We have friends in London we would love to see and I would love to meet Yvonne Henriksson, a fellow GeneaBlogger who blogs at Swedish Thoughts. Yvonne was a strong supporter in my quest for the "Great Swedish Adventure." If it is at all possible, she is on my list of people to meet!

Most of you probably are unaware that my husband has a nephew who lives in Stockholm. Of course, he is on our list to spend time with also. He was born and raised in Costa Rica and we have not seen him since he was a child! He is now married, has two children and lives and works in Stockholm. 

Here I go, trying to cover as much territory as possible and see as many people as possible, all in a short amount of time. Leave it to me to continue to cram as much in a day as possible, even on vacation!

The one vacation where I can totally relax is when we visit my husbands family in Costa Rica. All other vacations we spend constantly on the go. Need to see all of the sights as we never know if we will be back!

Do you do the same, book yourself like crazy, or do you actually rest and relax on vacation?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. I hope you take a cruise. We did a Northern European cruise a few years ago. Best vacation ever!

  2. I understand that you want to have enough time to see and experience as much as possible on this trip! ... and I think it's probably good to have some "extra" time into account, because it always shows up something you do not plan and then it is good if it is not too tight with time ... I wish you good luck and a very pleasant and interesting stay in Sweden!

  3. Michelle, great feedback! We are working on finding the best cruise to fit out needs! We did the Mediterranean cruise a couple of years ago, and that was great!

    Yvonne, great reminder for me, plan for extra time, of course I haven't thought of that! Thank you!


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