Those Places Thursday ~ Oneida, New York

The year was 1900 when I find my future maternal great grandmother, Gladys Amy Richmond living in Oneida, New York. Gladys is 16, living at home with her parents. Two siblings, Beryl and Mable also live in the home. Gladys is the middle child, Beryl is 19 and Mable is 11. 
The family lives on W. Dominick, in Rome Ward 3. Gladys is working as a "Cotton Winder." 

In the 1901 Rome, New York, City Directory I find John C. Miner, my future maternal great grandfather. When I see where he was living, a piece of this lifetime starts to meld together for me. He was living...yes, you guessed it ~ 214 Dominick, Rome, New York!

Can you guess what his occupation was while living here? Well, he was  a "Winder" also! 

William and Jennie Richmond, my great, great grandparents, probably weren't very surprised when their daughter Gladys eventually married John C. Miner.

This is an


 I found it on EBAY

I wonder what Gladys and John wound the cotton on at their jobs?  Reels such as this? Were reels and clamps only used in homes, or maybe work environments? I need to do more research.

  It would be fun to own one of these it if for no other reason than to remind me of the work my family did. If only I were made of money. 

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. It is really interesting and exciting! What a coincidence ... I recognize myself in what you write, it would be really fun and interesting to know how their lives were in their work and also to own such a cotton winder as a little reminder, I understand exactly ....


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