What will 2013 Bring?


It is here, the New Year...I wonder what it will bring?

I am hoping lots of loving, healthy, and happy friends and family!

More blog posts? I certainly hope 2013 shares enough time with me to write more blog posts than I did last year! The second half of last year flew by for me, I should say it actually overwhelmed me. I have made some changes for this year which I hope will allow a bit more time for myself. I changed positions in the genealogy society (instead of being VP-Program Chair, I am the Corresponding Secretary) cut back on the amount of dogs I will care for at any given time, will have my grandchildren less while school is in session and hope to have a less stressful year in general!

There are a couple of vacations in store for us this year that I am really looking forward to. First a cruise to Alaska and also the long awaited trip to Sweden! But, more on that later.

I hope to steal time to work more on my "new family tree," remember? I have been trying to do this for a couple of years now. It's the one that will have all the sources added...along with making sure each person in my tree BELONGS in my tree. This is taking me longer than I anticipated, but maybe I can get another line of the tree done this year?

More schooling. This time, I will be taking a break from the National Institute for Genealogy Studies program a bit so I can, are you ready for this?????? Learn some Swedish! Yes, that is correct! The Rosetta Stone Swedish language program is on it's way to me as I write this. I would really like to communicate at least a little bit with my cousins when I take my own Swedish Adventure this year!

I have a few other plans going on in my head too. I am thinking more beading, scanning pictures, hitting up the new gym and more yoga for starters. Oh yes, and I will be working on a special project made out of pull top tabs from cans! Who knows how long that will take, I need about a thousand pull tops, so as I collect them I can work a bit on it here and there. 

Some updating of this blog would be in order...

I KNOW, I am AGAIN pushing myself this year and not really planning for any unexpected events. Those are rather tough to schedule in anyway, not knowing when exactly they may occur. 


I would like to take a moment here to reflect on some of those unexpected things from last year. My family and I lost many special friends and family this past year. It took a toll on me for sure. 

We will always remember and be very grateful for these people who were and/or played a part in the lives of my family. Without you, many others would not be here. I have wonderful memories and so much love for you all. My heart broke with each of your passings...thank you for your wonderful contributions to our world. You will never be forgotten. 

In Memory~

Nina Pernilla Lundberg ~ April 24, 2012
Jack Granato ~ April 30, 2012
Ken Limtiaco ~ June 25, 2012
Terry Lagorio ~ July 20, 2012
Arline Mills ~ August 17, 2012
Ray Staton ~ August 8, 2012
Ralph Gil ~ September 12, 2012
Kenny Best ~ September 24, 2012
Ruben Romero ~ Dec. 2012

I know each of you are flying with the angels! Til we meet again...

2013 ~ Grateful for all of my blessings!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with much happiness and many genealogy break throughs! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Happy New Year's Cheryl. It's so nice to read about your exciting plans for this year, esp. the trips. I wish you every success whether it be learning Swedish, beading an item or working on your genealogy. Let's hope everybody remains healthy this year.

  2. Happy New Year to you! I've been a member of Geneabloggers for about four months. I received "An Early Christmas Gift" and it was fun to share it with this community of bloggers. My readers may get tired of hearing me talk about it though. :-). Will be interesting to follow you post.



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  4. Good luck learning Swedish. And I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip!

    1. Michelle, for some reason your comment was hidden for awhile! I just saw another link for it today! Thank you so much and sorry for the confusion, at least it has been on my end! I will be sure you hear all about the trip! :-)

  5. Cheryl,
    That was a beautiful post. Great list for 2013 and a beautiful tribute to loved ones gone before us.
    Swedish?? Hope you don't make us use the translator.lol

  6. Hi Cheryl!
    I wish you good luck with all the nice things you have in front of you! Certainly there are very interesting and fun things to do, it is just so difficult to find enough time to sometimes....
    I'm curious about your special project made ​​out of pull top tabs from cans ...? it seems interesting ...!
    I also wish you Good luck trying to learn Swedish! Please feel free to write to me in Swedish and then I can check the spelling, etc. ... :)
    Wishing you a really nice, interesting and fun new year!
    See you in Sweden ... ;)

  7. Thank you Barbara!

    Grant, I will check out your blog!

    Thank you Betty! I will do my best not to make anyone have to use a translator! LOL

    Thank you Yvonne! I need all the luck I can get to learn any Swedish! I appreciate the offer of assistance and look forward to meeting you in Sweden! As far as the pull top tabs from cans...I think I will do a post about it!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you also! Learning Swedish will be a real challenge I am sure!


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