Genealogy and...Beads?

You never know where you will find genealogy-minded people. I spent about a third of this past week attending bead classes. The BABE, Bay Area Bead Extravaganza, event had arrived in Oakland, and I spent almost every minute of it in classes, verses spending my wad on the showroom floor. Well, that was supposed to be the plan anyway. 

The very first class I attended was bead crochet, I figured this was going to be a piece of cake as I have crocheted for years. What I found instead, surprisingly, was an awkward challenge. The funny thing was, I had actually worked some bead crochet on my own awhile back, and I found it wasn’t much different than what I had applied myself.

Project for the Bead Crochet class. November 2, 2012

Why was it so awkward then? I think changing the method of holding the crochet thread to easily maneuver the beads may have been the biggest challenge, I couldn’t get on a roll.

The class was small, 6 people. After the instructor shared the project we were to work on and instructions on how to accomplish it, we were on our own, crafting away. Naturally, conversation started up amongst everyone as they worked. I was on the silent side however because I hadn’t found my rhythm, so I just listened to the conversation instead.

One of the topics turned to hair. Colors and styles were discussed and all I thought was, wow I can certainly get into this conversation and share a thing or two! Thirty years of being a cosmetologist gave me the perfect excuse to share my knowledge. I however choose not to get caught up in that conversation as I still hadn’t found my rhythm.

The conversation topic changed many times but I stayed dedicated to my project. That is until the topic turned to genealogy! My ears, and my head popped right up as I stopped what I was doing to listen in.

My first thought was that the conversation was only going to be vague, talking about the nationalities people had heard they were growing up or something similar. Was I in for a surprise! Long story short, one of the women belongs to the California Genealogy Society!

Now, can you just imagine what I did next? I jumped on that one as we had never met before, and had lots to talk about. I even asked her if she attended the NEHGS seminar the week prior.

Need I say more about how much work got accomplished on my project from then on? You never know when or where you might run into a fellow genealogist! The class was fun all the way around, but I never did get my rhythm.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Since I love beads and genealogy, this was right up my alley. Good story, and I can't wait to see your completed beaded project.

  2. Hi There,

    I just knew there was a reason I followed you. I too was a cosmologist/hairdresser. Plus totally into jewelry making.

    I enjoyed how you set out to do one thing and found someone to discus your passion with. I find that I hold back cause so many don't understand the Fire of family history. Did you find your rhythm in the crochet?

    Happy Ancestor Hunting,

  3. Thank you Barbara! The beads turned into a bracelet!

    Hi DuSyl! We have much in common! No, never really found my rhythm, even tried a new one, and felt just as awkward! Maybe it just isn't my thing? Or...I need lots of practice! lol


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