Ronald Plants ~ in Loving Memory

Sadly, today marks the second anniversary of the passing of my brother in law, Ron Plants. He wasn't looking well when he was staying by his brother's hospital bedside. He finally went to the doctor and they wanted to hospitalize him, but he told then no, his brother had passed away and he was going to his funeral. The hospital made him promise to come back immediately after his brother's services. Ron did go back and was soon diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. 

His time left on this earth was not much longer form that time. Ron's favorite thing that I cooked was lasagne, he absolutely loved it. He hadn't had it in quite awhile, and I felt pleased when I decided I would make it for him within a week or so of his diagnosis. He never ate a bite. He had no appetite and nothing tasted good to him. He knew I made it for him though and that was what mattered.
Ron was a large man at 6ft. 4in. and some may have thought him to be a bit gruff. He was a biker dude, and Harley dude to be exact. He was one of the nicest, gentlest, easy going people I have ever known. He did what ever he could to make at least everyone in my family happy, always. As if he had no one else to care for or nothing else to do, I remember him stopping once and coming to give me a shoulder massage. I have no idea what I was doing that he felt I needed that, but I did and it felt so good. I remember thinking as he gave me this massage, that he probably needed one more than me. I let him know how much I appreciated it, and turned around in return and gave him one too.

I am very grateful to have had Ron in our family and my life. I loved his gentle, kind ways. I wish I had told him that more. I am very sorry he could not live long enough to see his son grow up and for his son to have him in his life. I know he loved his son with all of his heart and I hope his son realizes that as his continues growing and hits his teen age years. 

Ron, it was a pleasure knowing you and your family. May you rest in peace and I know you are riding that Harley in heaven with your brother, dad and all the other angels! Love and miss you.

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  1. My heart is sad, I am not sure but he may be someone I knew. I communicate with many Plants cousins, since my Great Great Grandmother was Rachel Plants married to Sanford Hoffman, was Huffman. It sounds like we lost two not one. I have many many Plants pictures and inherited what Mom called the PLANTS photo Album. Dad said no it was the Duvall' photo album. They are all intermingled. So sorry for your loss.

  2. Hi Susi, I know you have mentioned Plants names before, but none of these names ring a bell to me. I have not done any real research on this line however. Maybe one day we will find a connection!


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