Jamboree 2012 ~ Saturday

Saturday morning started with these classes~

Genealogical Resources in Latin America - Dan Horowitz
Projects to Captivate - Lisa Louise Cooke
Tracing Mysterious from a Single Clue - Steve Luxemberg

The first class, Latin America had me very excited to get new links for Costa Rican research. Dan had so many links to share for many different countries. I copied lots of links in case someday, for some reason, I may need to know something for another Latin American country! Costa Rica came up eventually and there were two links Dan shared. I was hoping for more, but I will take those two! I have to say, I am impressed with the knowledge Dan has of Latin American countries.

Lisa's presentation is the first one that I went to of someone I have heard present before. Lisa is always great and she didn't disappoint this time either. I liked her ideas and all she shared. Of course, this session brought out the crafter in me, giving me ideas of things to make.

Because I enjoyed Steve so much the first time the day before, I took his next session this morning also. Some was similar to the first presentation although I didn't mind because I enjoyed it so much the first time. Again, enjoyed his presentation!

In the afternoon on Saturday I went to these classes~

National Archives Website, Microfilm Catalog, Archival Databases and Guides - Kerry Bartels
Tips and Tricks for Successful Searching - Crista Cowen
Managing your Digital Environment - Nancy Loe 

These presenters were all new to me. One of the morning classes I planned on taking was full before I got there, and I was there pretty darn early, or so I thought anyway. The line was down the hall and around the wall. People leaving from other classes and the line made for a very congested situation. I chose another class and moved on. The first class in the afternoon had some technical issues and started late. I enjoyed what I heard and took many notes but ended up having to leave the class early to make it on time to my next class. It was a bit disappointing I missed one class I really wanted to take and didn't end up with a full class for the second one this afternoon. Things happen, there is no doubt about it. Even though I was disappointed I tried to remember how much worse things could have been.

Crista was as dynamic as I thought she would be. She has been with Ancestry for a very long time, plus she knows her stuff! I enjoyed the change of pace as she asked for questions before her presentation, but didn't answer them right away. She worked those questions into her presentation. I am not certain she answered everyone's questions, but it was great to get an update about Ancestry.com. I do not remember the last time I took a class for Ancestry, so it was a learning experience as they make changes all the time.

Nancy Loe is Sassy Jane, the blogger! It was a surprise to me. I hadn't put two and two together. The organizations of online information, documents and pictures that she went through vary from my technique, but I can see using a tip or two to balance my organization better. It was interesting and well presented.

I have many notes to go through to see which I will apply and use! It was a great day, with a couple minor instances you do not expect. I crashed a bit early this evening as I had a sore throat which turned out to be allergy issues, thankfully! 

Saw a few more of the top 10 American Idols, some of them three or four times. I personally saw DeAndre Brackensick, Jessica Sanchez,
Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon and Holly Cavanagh. Joshua walked right in front of me while I was with others in the lounge, he looked straight at me with a great big smile and said hello, what a surprise. I believe I saw HeeJun Han also, but I am not sure, he had a hoodie on and I couldn't see his face for very long. I do have to say though, they look exactly like they do on TV! Congrats to the top 10!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. First I have to say I am incredibly jealous of all of you conference goers who saw the top 10 American Idols. And a smile and hello from Joshua Ledet! He was 1 of my favorites! WOW!

    I'm glad you got to hear Nancy Loe's present ation. I always learn something from her even though she does things differently than I do. She makes it okay to break from the usual way of organizing.

  2. Loved Steve and Crista's classes, they were great! Also enjoyed chatting with Steve Luxemberg, with you, Angela and A.C., Friday evening until 10:30, I think it was, maybe 11:00 pm! I too am sorry to have missed several of the same classes. It was great to be at Jamboree . . . I learned quite a bit this year . . . it was good to see you and share classes with ya. Great post!

  3. Hi Michelle, My husband was disappointed I didn't get my picture with them! lol Joshua was his favorite. I don't know why, but they are young and running around like they were busy all the time, so hatted to bother them for a picture. I agree, everyone has their own way of organizing, so if we combine what works best for us, we will have it made!

  4. Hi Gini! It was great hanging out with you all again this year! I enjoyed myself and look forward to the next one! Nice we took a few classes together too! Please say hi to your family for me! Hugs!


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