Wordless Wednesday - High Tech Tombstones


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  1. Thank You for sharing all of the info. I am going to try to find my Grandmother's family. I met her once or twice. She was ill in bed both times. After that, I never heard anything else about her. I was very young when she passed. I know that she died in California and is laid to rest in a Catholic Cementary with my Grandfather. Grandfather's given last name was Battolla/Born in Italy came over to Ellis Island & became a citizen. Grandmother died in California. The use to live in Sunland.
    Any ideas that won't cost me a forturne? Thank you.

  2. Have you conducted any preliminary research? Looked for census records, death records, etc? Do you know your grandmother's maiden name? First name? Start exploring with the internet and see what you can find. I looked in Ancestry and saw there were many Battolla's in Los Angeles County.Could you possibly have a cousin who may be the keeper of the families heirlooms? Check those closest to home and see what documents may turn up, and good luck!


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