Prayers for fM and Family

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I have adjusted my day today to focus on fM; footnote Maven. I was deeply saddened to hear she went in for a third surgery on her knee this morning. 

Upon reading this sad update, I immediately decided to go to the gym and work out with my personal trainer. I explained to her that I was there to work out as hard as possible ~ to sweat the infection out of fM's knee. My trainer did her job, she worked me and concentrated on my legs. When I wanted to quit, I kept going, reminding myself that I was very fortunate to be able do this workout and I had to work very hard to help fM. I was drenched when it was over.

Most of you who know me know that I need lots of working out. This is something very new to me and I haven't been at it very long. My thoughts were that poor fM wasn't able to do this, so I would do it for her today. I would give it my best to help eliminate her infection. 

When I came home, I showered, washing away the sweat and infection. I then did a meditation, dedicated to fM and her family. I wish I could be there to help them all and give support, but I can't. Instead, I dedicated my day to them all. I have said prayers and had them in my every thought and action.

Did you know fM and I are cousins? Actually, we aren't, but we have one common bond which fM felt was enough to call me cousin. I have felt a special closeness to her ever since, even though we don't communicate with each other very often. When we do though, we are cousins. I have to remind myself most of the time that we really aren't cousins. We are not blood cousins, but cousins because we want to be, and that is good enough for me.

I am praying dear cousin that you are having a much better day, that surgery went well and you are free from pain. I hope I have been of some help getting rid of the nasty infection in your knee, I will keep working at it. I feel helpless, but hope you and the family know my day has been dedicated to you. I will continue with prayers and setting intentions for your healing. You are all constantly on my mind.

Thank you DearMyrtle for keeping us all informed about fM. We all really appreciate it. I know you let the family know we are all praying for her. Thank you again.

It is about 5:15 p.m. I wonder how fM is doing. I know we will hear just as soon as possible. This post is dedicated to her.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Cheryl, You are a warm and caring person! I am sure your thoughts and actions are of great importance. And it must feel good for fM to know this.

  2. Cheryl,
    Some how I think my brain must be on vacation. I have known Maven for 20 + years and Pat also. I wish I had not thrown away our master log because I am thinking maybe you were also one of the old crew. I am hoping that Pat keeps us posted on Maven. It seems we had so many same named people and world was so busy I really got to meet a bunch of the crew and did not meet a great group of the old crew. Cheryl was a popular name same as mine and a couple more. I appreciate your keeping us posted to Maven's condition, she is in my heart and prayers as are all the original acquaintances of so long ago. So many of them are now gone. I miss KenP some times terrible but we were cousins many ways also and shared much. Thanks Susi

  3. Cheryl, Hope your day is better than yesterday and wanted to let you know how exicted I am to have found you again. My old email address was stolen and I lost all my contacts, including you, and was not able to update people with my new email address. I found you when I found the picture you posted of William Elias Hohimer's farm with the family members and Ned the horse. The caption states that the young man standing next to Ned is Harley. Harley, Vina's only child, was my Grandfather who died 12 years before I was born. This is only the second picture I have seen of him and in both, he is wearing a hat! I plan to taking a copy of the picture and the two letters to show my Dad this weekend. He will be 87 in July and his memory is beginning to fade. I know he will be delighted with this new find. In the letters they mention "Aunt Vina". This would be WE's second wife Louvina Shouse. Before she married WE, she was married to his younger brother who passed away suddenly. Years later and after WE's first wife, Margaret, died, he married Louvina. I would imagine looking for a "mother" to help raise his children. My Dad remembers his Dad's half brothers and sisters telling him "one day we were calling her Aunt Vina and the next we called her Mom" LOL.
    Your cousin,

  4. Hi Susi, I am not from the old crew as I haven't been around her that long. There was another Cheryl though I believe. I can talk more about that though later. I have strong high hopes that fM will be ok. I haven't heard anything today, need to look at her site. I owe you a couple things Susi, and I will get to them, I am behind and am getting sick. I hope to get back to you by this weekend on those things. I hope you are well and everything is good for you, I know you are busy also. Hugs Susi!

  5. Hello Jay! I am so happy you found me again! Please send me an email at geneaminded at gmail dot com and I will get an email to you just as soon as possible. I am a bit behind but am anxious to talk to you again! Thanks cuz!


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