Webinars, The 1940 Federal Census, and PLEASE Respond!

Unlike other censuses, the 1940 Federal Census will be available, free! Who doesn't like the word "free?" I know I do! Who will you be looking for in this census? I plan to look for my parents as this will be the first time they will be located in a census and of course beyond that, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and well, you get it, EVERYONE that could possibly be listed!

Remember, until the census is indexed, you will need to find the enumeration districts of those people you intend to look for. Stephen P. Morse has this all set up for you on his website, One Step Webpages. He has a page where you can take a tutorial quiz to find out how to access this census when it becomes available. There is also a link on this page which will take you to the proper page to get the ED (enumeration district) numbers you will need. Don't be afraid to explore his site!

FamilySearch.org will be having "Intro to Indexing" Webinars this month. Actually, there will be an ongoing series of Webinars over the next few months. You can choose a webinar to learn to arbitrate as an individual, and/or to train leaders to administer a society sponsored indexing group if you wish, or the one to just index!

Here are the dates for the Intro Webinars ~

Tuesday – February 28, 2012 
Tuesday – March 6, 2012 
Tuesday – March 13, 2012 
Tuesday – March 20, 2012 
Tuesday – March 27, 2012

You can check out all of the Webinars, with dates and times at the GeneaWebinars directory. Thomas MacEntee will be giving a free Webinar, "Are You Ready for the 1940 US Census?" hosted by Legacy on Wednesday,  March 7 at 2:00 Eastern Time. If you wish to attend this Webinar, be sure to register now! There are only one thousand people who can attend, so make sure to sign in 15-20 minutes early for the Webinar. You don't want to be like me, I signed in for a Webinar late the other day, because I was working, and for the first time, I wasn't able to get in because the Webinar was at full capacity! Two thousand people were registered! That meant one thousand of those people were not able to attend. Amazing isn't it? Luckily for me and others, the Webinar was available to watch a couple of hours later.

You can also test how to do the indexing on the FamilySearch.org Worldwide Indexing page. It is a short 2 minute, simple test where you can see how easy indexing is if you haven't indexed before. I can almost bet you will sign up to index after taking this if you haven't indexed before!

Maybe you are one of those people who have indexed before. I was the first person to start indexing with Low Country Africana and the "Restore and Remember" Indexing project. It was a challenge at both ends. I was the first for them and they were the first for me! Toni Carrier was so sweet, she kept thanking me for being patient! I think patience went in both directions! Actually, it was a wonderful experience! I was very happy to help them get started indexing and helping them to work out a few kinks! 

As I was saying, if you are someone who has indexed before, I am assuming (I know such a bad thing to do ~ but I am going to think positive on this one!) you have already been indexing at Family Search recently, like I have. I am excited and ready to go on April 2! How fast can we get the census indexed? How many of us do you think will work on this indexing project? (This would be a great idea! How many GeneaBloggers are indexing the 1940 Federal Census?)The more of us that index, the sooner it will be complete!

Ok, I like this idea! If you are a GeneaBlogger and will be indexing the 1940 Federal Census, please leave a comment saying you are a GeneaBlogger indexing! Let's see if we can come up with the percentage of us who are participating in this amazing project! Of course, if you are indexing and NOT a GeneaBlogger, you may still leave a comment, but please let me know you are NOT a GeneaBlogger.  Hummmm, maybe a little "FRIENDLY" competition?

Enjoy indexing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Signed up for the Wed. webinar, I'm a geneablogger and will be indexing.

  2. I'm a geneablogger and I'll be indexing.

  3. I'm a Geneablogger and I'll be indexing too!

  4. I'm a Geneablogger and I will be indexing!

  5. I can't wait for the Census release! I'm also a Geneablogger and I am an avid indexer.

  6. I can't wait for the Census release! I'm also a Geneablogger and I am an avid indexer.

  7. I am a GeneaBlogger and I am indexing!

  8. Thanks everyone! I had some computer issues and wasn't able to really follow up with this as i would have liked, I am sorry I didn't promote it more or better to really get a response, but I know there are many od us genealogy bloggers that are going to be indexing! The days are counting down! Thanks to everyone for participating!

  9. I am a GeneaBloggers and I am indexing and having a little indexing party at my home.

  10. Thanks to all of you for being a part of the 1940 indexing project!


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