Those Places Thursday ~ Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 17

Those Places Thursday ~ It's all about Sweden, again!

I heard a couple weeks ago that the time was coming for The Great Swedish Adventure's Season 2's auditions. My initial reaction was that I wasn't sure I wanted to go through the process again. It was an amazing experience for sure, but very emotional also. I never expected to get as far as I did last year. When I made it through to the last phase (being flown to Burbank for a face to face interview) I began really feeling I had a chance to make the final cut. The feedback from the producer after the interview was very positive also, and unexpected, so my hopes at that point were set very high! 

When I was informed I didn't make the final cut, it was a blow. I needed to process that I actually didn't make the cut. It was very disappointing. Looking back now, I can still feel the disappointment, although I never had hopes of even getting as far as I did. My, how my emotions changed!

So now, here I am again. I was informed by someone that the time was coming, but I couldn't even think about it. I wanted to go so bad to Sweden last year, for a variety of reasons, but it didn't happen. I am ok with it now, as I am, again, trying to plan a trip to Sweden later this year. Kind of similar to how last year started though...

I was surprised though, when about a week ago I received an email from one of the casting directors I interviewed with, asking me to re-apply! I told myself, it was just a formality because I heard from others who applied for the show last year and made it to the final cut, that they too were invited back. Of course they wanted to know if I received the invite also and what was I going to do. 

One of these people decided not to try again and I replied I was going to throw this out to my friends on Facebook and see what kind of response I received before I made up my mind, but I doubted I would try again. I subsequently learned that someone I thought should have been invited to try out again, was not. So now I am not sure what the criteria was in sending out the reapply e-mails. The Facebook responses I received along with someone not receiving an invitation to reapply led me to think differently about applying.

Let me just say that I can not explain everything here, experiences since the try out for the show, emotions, etc. Yes, there were lots of emotions beyond the application period. Yes, the show's first season was a hugh success. Yes, I am proud that I was a part of the initial process, and had the opportunity to have a one on one interview with the directors. 

I can tell you though, that I have changed my mind about the application. I decided to send it in, and apply for the second season. Again, I do not plan on making it to the finals, nor the show. I have had lots of time to reflect on my experience last year and I have realized a couple of things that may have hurt me in that final interview. One of those things I can do something about, but the other I can't change.

Bottom line is, like many other things, I won't know unless I try. I do not want to look back at this as a should have, would have, could have kind of situation. My thoughts and ideas about some things are different this year. I have a different outlook on the situation than I did last year. Right now I felt the need to apply.

Trivia ~ Do you know the name of the actual show in Sweden? Do you know what that title means?

I would like to thank Anonymous for sending me the link to the "Casting Search for Americans with Swedish Roots."  I did not let the comment through on the page you sent it as I prefer to share the link here, in an appropriate place, to share with anyone else who has Swedish roots and would like to apply! I would love to know who you are anonymous, please don't be shy! 

Trivia answer ~ The name of the show is ~ 

Allt för Sverige which translated means All for Sweden

Final comment for this post ~ I noticed I did not link up all of the posts for the series Part 1-16 of last year. I can not do it at this moment, but I will try very soon to put them together in one post. For now if you are interested in reading the posts and my experiences from last year you can find them listed to the right under "Blog Archive" in March and April of 2011. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Woohoo! Fingers and toes crossed here.

  2. Cheryl - I am so glad to hear that you are going to re-apply for the second season of Allt för Sverige. After reading your blogs about the first season journey, I know how hard it was for you not to make the show. I suspect the emotions run high around this process and I can't imagine what it must be like for you to enter them again, but your passion for Sweden and your ancestry are what this show is all about. I promise you that if selected, all the hard work and emotions will be worth it - it is an amazing journey. I wish you all the best Cheryl and good luck. Sincerely, Brian (Cast member Allt för Sverige, season 1)

  3. Hi Brian! I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment, as I knew right away who you are! I appreciate and thank you very much for your comment here, in all honesty, it made my day! I wanted to comment to you personally, as I thought we were friends on Facebook, however I found it is that I "Like" your page. Please know I have so much praise to give to others for this past year. Hugs and love to you and your family Brian, maybe one day I can share more with you!

    Hi Debbie! I thank you and appreciate the support! Thank you!

  4. Someone had sent me the link for the application process and I thought, why not?? So, I googled The Great Swedish Adventure in hopes of viewing some clips but I found your blog instead. I couldn't read them fast enough! I was routing for you! Here is to season 2 and to you making it :)

  5. Oh, so sweet, thank you, Squeaker123! I hope you have sent your application in too!

  6. I'm very pleased that you are re-applying :-) Look forward to following your Swedish adventure again. Jo

  7. Thank you Jo! They already know so much about me, so we shall see how far it goes.

  8. Yes!! Glad to hear you're going to try out again this year.

  9. Thank you Michelle! Busy as you have been, I thank your commenting here!

  10. I hope you do well. It would be great to see you make it on the show. Have you been asked to come for a final callback like you were last year? What state will they interview you in? I sure hope you get to move along in that process again.

    I don't really know how to use your system, but had you in my bookmarks from your journey last year, saw they were casting again, and hoped I'd see your name in the mix this year.

    Best regards,

  11. Not continuing on Maureen. It is ok, I am making my own adventure plans! Thanks for the support!

  12. Oh darned it. Got to admit, I am a bit disappointed, lol I was hoping to follow your great blog again! But...I will stop by occasionally to see how are you doing. Hopefully, I will see that you are headed to Sweden to visit all your cousins!

    Take care,

  13. Keep an eye open Maureen! I do plan to go to Sweden! ;-)


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