Mediterranean Cruise ~ Monaco ~ Monte Carlo ~ Part 6

When I left off last, we were headed on the train to Monaco, specifically to see Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo belongs to Monaco, but is governed independently and is only 6 miles from Villefranche. Monte Carlo is known as the playground of the rich, it is famous for it's wealth. 

The cruise ship offered ten different tours you in Villefranche. The prices ranged from $56.00-$189.00 per person. We learned there was the train, from someone on the ship. Very reasonably priced and we could go everywhere on our own. It sure beat the price of the tours the ship was offering, only about five dollars each! 

We arrived in Monaco and started walking. It was only a few blocks to walk to see the Monte Carlo Casino. The picture below shows that it was a cloudy overcast day? I remember it being warm though, and perfect weather to walk in. When we came to this spot I just had to take a picture, and I love it! A bit of the mountains, city, a tree and a two level street!

We walked to about the construction zone and found a sign directing us to "le casino." It is the bottom arrow, bottom description. Do I even need to say, we turned right and kept walking?

I took many pictures as we walked down the street. I have chosen to share just a few of the closer shots. This picture is of a friend we met on the ship, Gerald. He and his wife decided to take the train and venture out with us for the day.

This walk was absolutely beautiful! The picture above is actually on the block and grounds of the casino. The picture below is a close up of a section of the amazing casino.  It is kind of a teaser, as I will post the view of the whole casino for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday post. Be sure to come back for the full picture!

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