21COFH - The 21st Century Organized Family Historian - Week 1- Holiday Greeting Cards

Michelle Goodman is hosting the 21COFH and I am going to try to post to as many of these as possible. You can see her post here. This week~

This week, tell us what you do with your annual collection of holiday cards now that the holidays are over.

These days we need to start thinking about digital greeting cards as well. What is your plan to preserve them?

Last year Michelle came up with this plan~

Her criteria for becoming part of the Goodrum Greeting Card Archives: 

  • It's from family.
  • There is a photo.
  • There is a note or holiday letter.
  • It's from close family friends (especially those my children know).
  • If it meets more than one of the above criteria, the item has a far better chance of being retained 

I like her set up. I would agree that I would keep these for my family also, the Palmer's. More than likely though, I would save only pictures, letters, and the family cards. I have an extra archival safe box now that I can dedicate for this, so that is perfect! I have all of my Christmas Cards from last year and the year before saved to go through, maybe with the grandchildren here today we can go through the cards together!

Photo courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

I actually save all of my cards. Those that I don't necessarily need to archive, I plan to cut up and make new cards for next year! (Note to self, will need to make 6.82 a month in order to be ready for next Christmas!) My grandson says he also wants to stamp on some of the envelopes. :-) So far this is a plan and he likes it!

The electronic cards I haven't actually saved. Most of those that I receive are from different clubs and friends that my children wouldn't even care about. If and when I start receiving them from family I will save them in the family file online for now. Will think more how I can transfer them to family history files or my tree when it actually starts happening.

So, I am off to feed the grandchildren, again, and to organize the two years of cards I have. Should be fun!

(*I just noticed, Tracy from the Pieces of my Past blog has a great suggestion! She posted in the comments section on Michelle's page ~ Make a Christmas card book! I love that idea and think I will implement it!)

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Cheryl, That's great you have involved your grandkids!

    I love Tracy's idea too. So much that I had to stop myself from dropping everything and making the books.

    Since everything was already put away, I printed off the instructions for making the books, saved the files for the covers to my laptop, made a note on the instructions that the files for the covers were saved and put said instructions in the box with the cards. Now I can easily do that project later.

    Thanks for participating!


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