We've been Double-Dog Dared!

Sheri Fenley informed me this evening ~

"Denise Levenick and Amy Coffin want a report on our goals we set when we became buddies last January and have they been met. They double-dog dared us publically on their blogs today!" 

This is a very reasonable request actually. I proceeded to read Denise Levenick's post at The Family Curator and Amy Coffin's post at The We Tree Genealogy Blog. They each shared recaps of their 2011 goals. Denise and Amy were "buddies" last year, supporting each other with their genealogy goals.

Denise and Amy both deserve big congratulations for everything they have accomplished this past year! If you haven't done so, please read their posts also! Marvelous work they are both doing!

Sheri Fenley, The Educated Genealogist, and I were "buddies" also this past year. Sheri said she would be working on her recap post this evening, so I can not share a link, yet anyway, regarding her recap for 2011, but will add it here as soon as it is available.

Here is my recap for 2011 ~

 What were my genealogy goals this year? 

 1. Of course, attack those sources! I plan to start from scratch and rebuild my tree in Roots Magic. My original tree is in Family Tree Maker 2009 right now. I plan to rebuild my tree one person at a time, making sure each item for each person is sourced properly. I had started this before, but got confused with my sourcing and eventually stopped. (I think I have figured out that it is not so much how I source, my problem has been where I enter in the program to log information once a master source has been entered. Sheri answered a question I had, but I haven't yet been able to play with this information to see if that has been my issue or not, but let's hope that is! That would be a simple fix!)

2. This actually goes along with #1, but it is my second item. As I build my new tree, make sure all pictures and documents that I currently have, have been added for each individual. I believe there are documents in my binders that have not been scanned and or added to the appropriate profile on the computer. By the same token, I may have some information entered on the computer that has not been added to my hard copy files, my binders.

3. My third item is to take all of my pictures out of photo albums that are not archival safe, which would be most of them, if not all of them. I have only scanned one album of my own personal collection, so I need to scan the pictures from these albums, and then of course file appropriately. 

(These were stated in my post on January 13, 2011 "Those Places Thursday ~ Famous Dave's with Sheri Fenley")

How Did I Do With These Goals?

1. I did work and complete sources for one line in my family tree, but unfortunately that was all. One family line is also all I have completed in building my new tree, one person at a time. Not near what I wanted to accomplish, but I did work on it!

2. I do believe I have most everything scanned and attached properly to this one line, pictures and documents etc.

3. Sadly, I did not touch any of this.

How/Why did I get off track?

I had great intentions at the beginning of last year, there is no doubt about it. Sheri and I hooked up and made our plans. She had some heavy duty ones, but I found out she had deadlines on the two goals she chose. These deadlines were within the first half of the year. In fact, one of her goals actually moved up to just a couple months away. I emailed her once or twice to make sure she was working on her goals, and she assured me she was. Then all of a sudden, time was up for her and her two goals were complete! If I remember correctly that was about March.

Needless to say, I lost interest totally in my goals. I didn't feel "a buddy" was working along with me because my buddy had already completed her goals. Great for her, to bad for me. Besides this, I got very caught up in the "Great Swedish Adventure" which kept me going for a good 5 months. Lost almost another month of the year to vacation, our Mediterranean Cruise (Planning to start blogging again about this trip very soon) and at least another month to crafting and the holidays.

What About Goals For 2012?

I can understand why I didn't accomplish these goals, although I would have felt better if I could have said I at least accomplished one of them. Now, for 2012, do I keep these three goals again, change them, give up all together?  This remains to be seen.

There were other "challenges" in my life I was working on too this year. I will post a recap on those very soon.

Congrats again to Sheri, Denise and Amy for their accomplishments in 2011!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Great idea to be accountable for your goals for the year. I love the "double dog dare."

  2. Yes, FabricFascination it is great to have to be accountable! Trying to figure my goals for this up coming year!


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