Challenges Not Resolutions 2011 Recap

On January 4, 2011 I wrote a lengthy post regarding my "challenges" for 2011. That post can be found here.

This is how I fared on this list ~

1. Did not accomplish.
2. Accomplished half of the year
3. Accomplished some, then gained back. Over all, lost about 8 pounds.
4. I did fairly well I believe on the one line that got completed.
5. Did not do this.
6. Did not do this.
7. Worked on many ideas and thoughts and projects. Eliminated ideas and gained a few others. Did have a couple of crafts fairs.
8. Definitely accomplished this! Cared for at least 30 different dogs, and many of them several times. (For those who remember, I asked for suggestions for a is "My Home Doggie Care." )
9. Definitely did not do this! I think this year I blogged less than any other year!
10. Have not listed what I need on each person yet, have done some, but not many.
11. I have done more of this! Because my daughter is an instructor, I went to many of her classes, especially to support her during the second half of the year.
12. I did do this and actually shared on my blog.
13. I also accomplished this. I used the master bedroom and have two walls of tables covering all of my crafting adventures, and I just love it!
14. Sadly, again, did not do...
15. Really didn't do much research.

This was quite an ambitious list. I can at least say I worked at or accomplished at least half of the list. For this I am very grateful! With other life happenings, Swedish Adventure, classes, caring for the grandchildren part time, vacation, etc., I am ok with my accomplishments here. I suppose I could re do this list for 2012, but do I want to? Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and tkae your time to do the comment in my blog! It is nice to write a blog, I can write about what I like..the only thing takes time, well I know you know that;)
    For next year, I think I will try and do : "My 12 genealogy Projects for 2012", what do you think...?
    I hope to see you in Sweden 2012!
    Happy New Year!

  2. You are so welcome Yvonne! I thank you for commenting on my blog too! I LOVE your 12 Genealogy Projects idea! I can hardly wait to hear more! I hope to see you in 2012 and Happy New Year to you also!


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