Holiday Crafts Event and... Dogs?

I know, I have been missing in action here lately. Other than vacations I do not believe I have ever missed blogging for this long. Life really got in my way this time.

I am known to make quick decisions sometimes, and yes that is what happened here. All of a sudden I decided I wanted to have a Holiday Crafts Event. I saw some feather jewelry someone I know made and had been fighting a desire within myself to start making jewelry. Back in May I bought one of my daughters a kit and some additional supplies to make jewelry. She didn't have any real hobbies and I felt she needed something to do besides work. She has really enjoyed this and sold some of her pieces at work. 

I had several projects in my back room that I wanted to make for the holidays. A couple different styles of Christmas ornaments, wreaths, scarves and yes, I got hooked making jewelry also. Before I knew it there were seven artisans committed to an having an event. My daughter in Tennessee making jewelry was one of them, as was the gal who makes the feather jewelry. We had someone who made wooden signs, another who makes candles and lotions and soaps and yet another who makes lanyards, hats and jewelry. Another very talented gal makes arm warmers, leg warmers and specialty clothes, etc. 

I didn't want to wait until December as everyone is so busy already that month. Last Friday night became our target date, which meant we only had a couple weeks or so to get our projects completed. My problem? I finish and then I find more to do. I worked like crazy accomplishing more than needed. It took me a couple days to set up my house the way I wanted it and I chose to host it all myself so none of the other artists felt as if they needed to stay for 6 hours if they didn't want to.

There was a decent turnout at our event. People showed up that I wasn't expecting and some that I expected didn't show, isn't that the way? The best part for me was a visit by a school friend I hadn't seen in many, many years. Thanks to Facebook, we made contact once again. My sister was here so I introduced her to my friend, my sister instantly asked my friend about her brother, as they went to school together. The best part? My dad and my friend's dad went to school together! There is a bit of history with these two families, things each of us reminded or shared with the other about our parents.

I was pleased with the total sales of the event and I believe most, if not all, of the participants were thrilled with their sales. Several attendees asked if we would hold another before Christmas. I am mulling this over, as my husband says no. He knows the stress I put myself through over these kinds of things, but I do it because I enjoy it, even if I act like a maniac for a few days before! My daughter has offered the use of her home for another one, but I am still thinking on it. The jewelry I made... it sold, except for one set I made and couldn't find, so it was never even shown. I received a special order on a bracelet and have already ordered the product to make this before Christmas.

The day of the event I started caring for a dog and the day after the event three more dogs arrived for my care. I also cared for my daughters three dogs and two cats at her home this weekend, spent the night there Saturday night. Two days after the event my house was almost in order again and by the third day, can you guess? I got another dog! Well, it is Thanksgiving week and people need to see their families. They need to travel. My family won't be here for Thanksgiving, so I figured why not take care of all of these dogs so others can have Thanksgiving with their families? My husband has the patience of a saint. He keeps asking me though, "why did you take another dog?" All I can tell him is I don't know!

Actually, I do know. I don't know when enough is enough, I can not say no, and I want these families to all enjoy Thanksgiving with their families, is that so bad? Well, not unless you live in my house! These are all medium sized dogs and a couple of them get to barking sometimes. There has been one dog argument so I have made a separation. For now, all are well. They start heading back home on Friday, will be all gone by Saturday, when I will receive another dog, probably just for the day. As I said my husband is a saint. There are dogs all over this house, lol. One in a chair, two in their kennels, one on the love seat, two laying on the floor. Last night there were four dogs in my bed. Not tonight! My husband asked where I was sleeping tonight, I told him, I don't know, but if I am not in bed, just know I am somewhere in the house!

So, this is my story and I am sticking to it. I am now behind on so many things. Blogging in particular. I was just starting my posts about my Mediterranean cruise and I was in the middle of Tonia's "31 Weeks To A Better Genealogy Blog." I want to complete these series, and Christmas is right around the corner, which means there are Christmas blogs to post also. Well, all I can say is I will do my best as this is the busiest time of year for me and many others I know.

I am behind in blog reading and feel technologically behind also. There has been lots of news lately, Scanfest, GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio, Podcasts, Webinars and things I had stashed away to watch. Oh, and did I mention my class started again the first of November? I haven't even barely looked at it. Guess what I will be doing in between barks tomorrow!

My apologies for the pictures. These were taken in a hurry after the Holiday Event. I forgot to take any before, I was so busy. They were taken with my phone after I started gathering things together to put away, so these were the left overs! Maybe next time I will share pictures of the dogs...

Until next time...

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Those wreaths are beautiful! Wish I could have been there to buy one!

  2. Thanks Sheri, I made them. Those are what is left.

  3. Busy Gal!!! ~laughs~ It is very hard to catch up when you miss a few days. I am still trying to catch up from August, September and part of October off. We had a couple of deaths in the family and we were so busy that I just did not have time for anything. I am slowly catching up on the blog and email reading. So far behind on blog writing that I will never catch up! Glad to have you back I have missed your posts.

  4. Boy you are busy. I am also behind,from my holiday posts back in Ocober. It doesn't matter, blogging is meant to be fun,not a stick to beat ourselves with, so will carry on added the posts as I go.

  5. Cheryl, You just made my day. As a Lapidary worker and looking at all this new feather and strings stuff I have been fighting putting the genealogy away and play awhile with rocks and strings and feathers and things.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and getting up to speed. I lost two months for genealogy but made up for it in knowing a set of family members better.
    Also helped the wife go back two more generations so not lost just wasn't working on mine.
    Blessed Thanksgiving my friend.

  6. Hi McManigle Family ~ I am so sorry to hear about the deaths in your family! My sympathies are with you and your family.

    Hi Susie! I hope you went to play! Sometimes we just have to do that! It is fun also.

    I wouldn't say you lost, I would say you won on the genealogy! That is fun also.

    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I hope you did also Susie!

  7. Hi Anglers Rest! I just saw your comment! You are so correct! Blogging is suppose to be fun and enjoyable! I will do as I can, and you too! ;-)


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