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For this "Those Places Thursday," I would like to share a new bit of news regarding Sweden and the Swedish TV show I applied for.

It came to my attention this morning that the website for the Swedish TV show, "The Great Swedish Adventure", aka,  "Everything for Sweden" has been completed and is up and running! I am sure most of you will remember or realize that this is the show I auditioned for. I made all of the cuts clear through to the live audition when they flew me to Burbank, Ca. That was the final step for a place on the show... but alas, another fine lady out did me for one of the 5 women's positions on the show.

I have been anxiously awaiting, hoping to have the opportunity to watch the program here at home. The website shows all of the contestants, who they are, where they are from and what they do. Five women and five men. I would like to thank Kirstin Highfield, one of the 10 contestants, for sharing this information with us! It looks like the production company will share each of the episodes also! (I hope I am correct about this...) Enjoy seeing the Americans that made the final cuts to earn a position on the program!

******Added later on the same is the "teaser trailer."

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Hi! Stumbled across your blog as I googled for American thoughts on the new Swedish tv-series "Everything for Sweden". Just want to let you know that you can find the first episode here:,a1364145,1,f,-1/pb,a1364142,1,f,-1/pl,v,,2584088/sb,p167320,1,f,-1

    Some of it is in Swedish, but hopefully you'll get most of it anyways. Enjoy!

    Karin Svensson
    Lund, Sweden

  2. Hello Karin! I thank you so much for the link, but because of Copyright issues, we can not watch this in America. I am so very disappointed and would have loved to follow along! Again, I really thank you for taking the time to offer this info! Have a wonderful day!

  3. I have read on another blog about some way of bypassing this issue. There were talk of some sort of codex that you could download which would allow you to watch it as if you were sitting in sweden. Not sure if it works, but it´s worth a try. I dont have any means of recording it, otherwise I would have put it out there for you interested to download. If I find a downloadable version Ill let u know.
    Take care,

  4. Thank you Jonas for your help! I also received your other comment, nice, thank you!


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