Northern California's 3rd Annual Family History Expo

Today is the day! I'm finally attending this event! Registration begins at 1:00pm this afternoon in San Mateo. The Keynote Speaker, M. Bridget Cook, will open at 2:00pm. She is a national best selling author and teaches how to write "your own legacy". Her work has been seen on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America and in People Magazine. (I thought I had seen her before!) Today her Keynote Address is entitled, "Handling and Healing the Skeletons in Your Genealogical Closet."

I live close enough to this event that I will be commuting to it each of these next two days. There will be 28 classes to choose from this afternoon alone. I am having a tough time deciding which to attend!

For instance, I would like to sit in on Bruce Buzbee's Personal Historian 2 session, (Roots Magic is one of the major sponsors), but Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D., is giving a session on Pennsylvania ancestors and documentation which also interests me. Lisa Louise Cook, Stephen Morse, Ron Aarons, and of course Holly Hansen will be presenting also at this event. My roomie from Jamboree this past year, Angela Kraft, is presenting a session on Saturday afternoon "Publishing your Family History to DVD." I would love to attend and support her for this class. I also feel that if I don't attend classes from those I haven't heard before, I may be missing out on great speakers!

Today, I may only have four sessions to choose, however these may be the toughest decisions for me to make! As I prepare for this afternoon, I will try to give good thought to each of the classes I would like to attend today and see if I can make some decisions. If I can't make those decisions I just may have to toss a coin! Some classes I will take because of the speaker and some classes because of the content, and if I am very lucky some classes because of both, the speaker and the content! have to make such decisions, when before all I wanted to do was attend!

Better get going, have to get money, gas and all that important stuff before I go. Ok, maybe I should take a shower and get dressed too...

P.S.- I can scratch getting gas, my wonderful hubby just went and did that for me! He gave me money too...I am so spoiled.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Have fun, Cheryl! Wish I could join you!

  2. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Yeah for hubby!

  3. Enjoy, Cheryl . . . I so wanted to be there with you and Angela . . . unable to once again make the trip. I hope you have a great weekend and learn lots of good stuff. Say hello to all for me! Looking forward to hearing about your time there.

  4. Thanks Elizabeth, Michelle and Gini. It was fun, I posted on it today. Gini, Angela and I missed having you, Steve, Emma and A.C. here, but we are still laughing


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