Mediterranean Cruise ~ Part 1 ~ San Francisco

San Francisco, California. November 2010. Digital photo. Held by Cheryl Palmer. [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] 2011.

This event is now history. As in, it happened, it is finished, completed, done. It is my history and a trip I would like to document for my ancestors. This is also a perfect place for others to read about our trip. So, here we go with Part 1!

Originally, we planned to take a cruise which included a stop in Egypt as we both wanted to see the pyramids. That is the cruise we booked several months back. A few months passed and we were informed the cruise ship would not be stopping in Egypt any longer because of the civil unrest that was ongoing in that country. They moved the stop to somewhere else, I don't even remember where now. We chose to change the cruise we were originally set up for and ended up booking the cruise we just took.

Taking an extended vacation took some planning, as it does for most people. In some ways it may actually take a little less planning for us as we at least do not have to try to coordinate, get permission and take time off of work. For me, the main thing I needed to do was make sure someone would be able to cover watching my grandchildren a couple days a week. And then there was the dog who needed caring for. My grandchildren's other grandmother, or "granny" as she is affectionately known, jumped right in and offered to come out and take care of the grandchildren. That was a big relief for me, I felt I could go away comfortably now, and not worry about anything. "Granny" actually stayed at our house and cared for my dog. She house sat, cared for the grandchildren and our dog! We both got the best of that one I think. She can watch the grandchildren anytime she decides to come out, but this time she had a place to go at the end of the day, for some peace and quiet. For me, there was someone at my house and the dog had company and was fed. What a deal!

We have a gardener, so the yard wasn't much to worry about although our neighbor did water the plants for us a few times when it was really hot. We didn't stop our mail, as someone was here to pick it up, but "granny" was a retired postmaster and decided while we were gone so she to put a stop to it. We just went and picked t up when we returned home.

For a change, I actually packed three days before we were to leave and not at the last minute. We were to have three formal dinners, it took me longer to plan attire for those than anything else. Luckily, my husband does his own packing. I know there are women who pack for their husbands, I am so glad I am not one of them! I have a difficult enough time packing for myself! We worked it out so we would have an empty suitcase with us to bring home souvenirs, plus we actually had extra room in our suitcases.

With the bills paid, and house clean (well clean as it was going to get for "granny.") we were finally ready. On September 14 after I worked my shift at the yoga studio in the morning we decided to head out. Our flight  the next morning was leaving from San Francisco at approximately 7:30am. We needed to be at the airport by 5:30am. To make timing easier for us, we went to San Francisco the day before (September 14) and spent the night. We had a nice afternoon in the city with dinner following. The next morning was a breeze, hopped on the airport shuttle and 10 minutes later we were at the airport!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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