Family History Expo Northern California

I finally attended a Family History Expo! I can cross that off my bucket to do list. It started this past Friday, October 7, at what I thought was a unique time. Registration was at 1:00 p.m. I loved it! Holly, if you are reading this, I am sorry I forgot to let you know, but I did love it! By starting at 1:00 in the afternoon and ending at 9:00 pm that evening, I personally was able to avoid what has been lately termed as "the traffic jams of L.A." That alone was wonderful!

Keynote speaker was M. Bridget Cook. I really enjoyed her upbeat attitude and loving, gentle personality. I felt I could have sat and listened to her all day! I also felt as if I had heard her before, or that she was an old friend. (Maybe I have heard her at a spiritual seminar in my other life but my aging conditions hinder me from truly recollecting this...) She spoke about "Handling and Healing the Skeletons in your Genealogical Closet." She was a perfect speaker for this subject! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from her.

My goal for this event was to attend sessions of speakers I had not heard before. I did fairly well at this, although I did attend one of Lisa Louise Cook's, from Genealogy Gems fame, classes. Who can stay away from her Google classes? I  attended Arlene H. Eakle's, class "How did my Ancestors Get into Pennsylvania and How Can I document Them?" I have heard Arlene present a class before, she is so full of knowledge! I was very excited to actually attend another of her sessions.

I attended classes of Gordon Clarke (A Product Manager for Family Search), Ruth Lange CG, Holly Hansen BA (President of Family History Expos), Tom Underhill (Creative Continuum), and my roomie from Jamboree Angela Kraft. (Angela, who blogs at Leaves of Heritage, and I spent some time together Saturday afternoon, which was great!) This was my first time hearing these speakers. I went out on a limb searching new aspects and learned quite a bit! If I didn't learn something, I had ideas and thoughts popping in my head!

On Friday night Steve Danko (Steve's Genealogy Blog) stopped by to see me. As he explained to Ron Arons, on his vacation he had left "something" (I won't say what-what happens on vacation, stays on vacation!) on an excursion bus. He told Ron I was kind enough to go to Europe to get more for him! He just couldn't let me mail this to him though, he came to me pick it up!

It just so happened that while I was walking the venue late that afternoon, I heard my name behind me. I turned around and there was Steve talking to Ron while he was on the phone. I walked up to them, Steve looked at me and said he was just calling me! Good thing I heard them as my phone was on vibrate and I probably would never have known he was calling. It was fun to spend a bit of time with Steve and compare our vacations. Steve has posted some of the most wonderful photos on his blog, Steve's Genealogy Blog, from his trip. Most put mine to shame I am afraid. When I post about my trip, I may have to refer you to his photos!

I did some "smoozing" with the vendors and enjoyed catching up with people such as Janet Hovorka (Family Chart Masters), Lisa Louise Cook (Genealogy Gems) and Charles from Geni, among others. (Charles, you rock!) I missed Charles's presentation ( I haven't heard him present before) but he understood as I went to roomie Angela's class instead. Angela did a wonderful job, on a subject I didn't know much about. her class was titled "Publishing your family history to DVD." It was not was I was expecting, so it was a great treat! Look for her to present a class or two at Jamboree next year, hopefully she will be applying to present there!

On Sunday I had a very profitable day, I won prizes! I won a book from Tom Underhill (Creative Continuum) in his class, I won a VIP gift from the conference (a calculator and a pedometer from Family Search) and then I won a gift at the closing ceremony from Holly Hansen, the three syllabus's from three other Family History Expos in the country this year, Arizona, Colorado and Georgia. I have to tell you, I have a ton of reading to do! I was given another book, plus I purchased a book, I think I am going to have to make a 15 minute a day rule or something so I can get this reading done!

I didn't take many photos this time as I chose not to lug my camera around. As it turns out, I needed the strength to carry many books instead! Thank you Family History Expos for your program in San Mateo this year! I think this "Ol' Dog Learned a Few New Tricks!"

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Sounds like you had a super duper time with family history expo. To say you're a winner would be an understatement. You made a haul!

    Looking forward to your posts from your trip. I've been enjoying Steves. The way better job of labeling is pictures of the Vatican than I did

  2. Nice to read of this Expo you attended, and who you saw again and met. Steve D. is still on vacation, according to my blog reading! Glad you saw him alive and well.

  3. I'm so sorry I missed meeting you. I saw you win at the end, though!

  4. Michelle, I did make a haul! Reading , reading, reading! Steve did a way better job than I did of labeling pictures also, I haven't even started!

    Barbara, as long as he is posting his vacation, he is still on vacation, and maybe even longer!

    Debbie, so close and yet so far. Sorry I missed meeting you also. One day soon we may be able to rectify that, hopefully!


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