#31WBGB ~ Week 15 ~ Solve A Problem

I am following Tonia's Roots  (You can read the kick-off post about 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog here.) as she brings several GeneaBloggers through 31 weeks of working towards a better blog, prompts written by Darren Rowse. 

I was a couple weeks behind  due to being on vacation, so I have been playing catch up! I believe with this post I will be caught up, so these posts will occur once a week again as they were meant to. Here is the challenge this week from Tonia~

Action Item
  • Write a problem-solving post and leave a link in the comments.
I had major burn out when I spent a couple of months solving my domain name nightmare. I have been thinking on what problem I could solve. I wasn't thinking to deep as my brain just isn't at a place to work on any major problems. I think it has been fighting me all week in regards to writing and working this challenge.

I decided to use yesterday's post as my "solving a problem" post. I had planned on writing my own obituary, but have never have taken the time to work on it, or make it a priority. In the back of my mind I believe I was also concerned about doing this, it is tough to even think about writing something so drastic. Plus, I am not sure my husband would understand why I wanted to write my own obituary. I have had a major road block as far as really attempting to do this.

Because of the challenge to win a gift, the ObitKit, I finally wrote a rough draft of my obituary, which I posted yesterday. It felt odd to do, but after all, who knows me better than me? It felt good when I finished and I was glad I did it. Now, I will redo my draft, filling in all the ***** and make my revisions and such, and that won't be as difficult for me to accomplish. (I am hoping that I live long enough to go in and make further revisions and updates every so often though...) I do have a bit of a problem left to handle however, I need to share this information with my husband still. Heck, piece of cake, if it makes me happy, he is happy! Maybe he will even have some input!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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