#31WBGB ~ Week 14 ~ Find A Blog Buddy

I am following Tonia's Roots as she brings several GeneaBloggers through 31 weeks of working towards a better blog, prompts written by Darren Rowse. 

I was a couple weeks behind  due to being on vacation, so I am playing catch up! Here is the challenge from Tonia~

This week’s task is to find a blog buddy.  Let’s face it; blogging is often a solitary endeavor.  Bloggers who work together, often have more success.  Blogging buddies can be one-on-one relationships or small groups.

9 Reasons You Need a Blog Buddy
  1. You can proofread and critique each other’s posts, before pressing “publish.”
  2. You can share link love.
  3. You can promote each other’s posts via social media channels.
  4. You can help each other stay motivated.
  5. You can trade guest posts.
  6. You can brainstorm together and bounce post ideas off each other.
  7. You can critique design and other non-text elements.
  8. You can help build blog comments.
  9. You can hold each other accountable.

Blogging Buddy Relationship Advice

  • Make the relationship mutually beneficial.  All parties should be contribute and benefit.
  • Make each other’s blog better.  We all have a goal of making our own blogs better.  Commit to the same goal for your buddy.

Action Item

  • Find a buddy or a buddy group that you can hook up with.
I am afraid I am going to pass on this week's challenge. I agree that having a buddy could and would be very beneficial for both sides, however I know I am way over busy as it is...so much so that I wouldn't have the time to commit to someone else to help with their blog. Therefore, if I don't feel I could reciprocate at this time, it would be very unfair to expect someone to do this for me. If someone approached me to do this for them I would probably work something out to help, but I just can't ask someone else to do this for me at this time. I look forward to reading how others working on these challenges are handling this one and hearing from  those who have completed this, how it is working for them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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