Sentimental Sunday ~ Dad And His Sister

A couple weeks ago my aunt from Texas came to California to spend her 75th birthday with her brother, my dad. I thought it was pretty darn wonderful that she wanted to spend the time with her brother. I suppose she felt she could see her children at any time, but not her brother!

I drove the couple hours north to my father's "bed and breakfast" as I like to call his home. I looked forward to seeing my aunt and wanted to make sure to be at the house for her birthday. To me, this was the closest thing to a family reunion there is on this side of the family. I have no idea how long it has been since I have seen any of my cousins, but it has been years...back in the day, when they lived in California. We don't even know each other. It has been three years since the last time my aunt came to visit. That visit she brought her husband with her (the only time I met  him) but unfortunately, he has since passed away.

We shared many laughs, I took lots of pictures, and heard many family stories, most of which I'd never heard before. By the end of the visit I brought home 8 pages of notes. Because I hadn't thought to bring a tape recorder, I frantically scratched notes, as quickly as possible, while the reminiscing flowed between my dad and my aunt.

I came home realizing I needed to immediately transcribe my "chicken scratch" to my computer while I could still make heads and tales of it. Now, since that has been completed, I sit back and try to imagine what the consequences would have been had I not proceeded with those transcriptions. Most of those notes would never have made sense to me, or anyone else within a few weeks.

For some reason, ever since I learned my aunt was coming to visit, I have been super emotional and very sentimental. Maybe because it was a monumental birthday for her. Maybe because she had lost her husband. I think it is a little of each of these things, but the main reason is because I don't know if or when I may see her again.

I try to stay optimistic but I have come to a stage in life where I am learning to be a realist. We have lost family and friends much younger than my father and my aunt. Every moment spent with them is precious and special in my eyes. It was wonderful that I could really appreciate and soak up every second I spent with them. I appreciate the stories, the notes, and especially the pictures. I am extremely grateful they shared their special time with me.

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  1. So glad you were able to spend time with your aunt and your dad . . . and document the many stories being shared. I think it's something we all could be doing! Thank you for the reminder because as you said, you just never know and time together is very precious, so absorbing each moment is a treasure. Wonderful post, Cheryl. Happy Labor Day!

  2. This reminds me so much of the time my Aunt Joy came out to visit great-grandchildren and stopped by our house to visit. She helped to raise me and I finally had an opportunity to tell her "Thank You" and to express how much I owed to her. I got out an old family album so that she could help me identify the people in the pictures (I later misplaced it and still haven't found it - gack!). How wonderful it is to enjoy our older relatives while they are still with us!

  3. Hope you soaked in every minute with your Aunt. Like a sponge...Soak in every old and new memory. One day it will be you visiting a sibling or a loved one and it will be you telling those story's you heard over and over.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Birthday celebration with your Dad and Aunt!

  4. What a wonderful blessing for all 3 of you. I'm glad your aunt is still healthy enough to travel and that she made the trip to see your dad. Not only was her visit a family-story opportunity for you, but I'm sure your dad was thrilled to see his sister and have the chance to reminisce with her.

    I have recently reconnected with a 73 year old cousin (I'm 50), and I am enjoying hearing all her stories. I'm so glad she still has a clear mind and is able to share all the stories with me...just as I know you are glad your dad's and your aunt's minds are still clear enough to share.

  5. Thank you Gini! It was a great reunion indeed! Very special in my eyes.

    Greta, how special your Aunt Joy must be to you!Glad you got to thank her!

    Hi The Path Traveled! I hadn't even thought that it would be me one day...I am stuck on my dad's generation, but you are so right!

    Hi Patti! Congrats on your new connection, learn and listen! I know you are! Nice.

    Thank you all for leaving a comment. I appreciate comments and others thoughts!


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