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During the last couple of months I have taken and completed three classes through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Receiving a gift certificate for a free class in my GeneaBlogger swag bag at Jamboree this past June, definitely played a part in my participation.

I have taken many online courses over the years through Family Tree and Gen Class. Lisa Alzo, and George Morgan are just a couple of names you may recognize that I have taken a class or two from. I also enrolled and attended a two part series of classes at our local college, taught by Sue Johnston. Sue is a graduate of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies as well as a variety of other genealogical training courses. I enjoyed Sue's two series of classes very much and love to hear her speak at genealogy meetings and conferences when I can. Lisa and George are always wonderful to receive a lecture from also, please keep this in mind if you ever have an opportunity to attend one of their lectures!

I always enjoy learning. It doesn't matter what I am involved in, I like to take classes and learn to do whatever it is I am doing, the correct way. Several years ago I debated about taking the National Genealogy Society home course,  which I discussed with one of the current California Genealogical Society Board Directors, Jeffrey Vaillant, back at that time. I was trying to decide what course to take, but never figured out which was calling my name.

There are several avenues you can choose from to enrich and educate oneself in this field. I wish I had chosen one of the courses to attend back when I couldn't make a decision, because today I realize I can take just about any or all of the courses that are offered. I can learn different things from different courses.

Now that I am again thinking about taking more classes, I am not working. This is an ideal time actually to attend school or take classes, however, I don't have the money just sitting around to spend on a course such as this. If I intended to make a living as a professional genealogist I could look at the costs differently. If I was working, I could look at the costs differently. But neither of these facts are true.

I have enjoyed the classes at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies so much that I have checked into their certificate programs. I have come to the conclusion that I would like to work towards a certificate for my own personal satisfaction. Can you believe, I actually made a decision!

Lately though, I have been tied up with a few other important matters, so I have taken a month away from the classes. This has given me a bit of time also to think and analyze how I may want to pay for these courses. It may be a little drawn out and take me awhile to complete, but I will probably take classes as I can afford them. I am anxious for another class and hope to take a course or two in October, no later than November. Really, I am in no hurry, so working on the courses here and there is ok by me, I knowing I will eventually earn that certificate.

I think the National Institute of Genealogical Studies made a great decision when they gave certificates for a free class. It sold me, and I am sure I wasn't the only one! Taking a free class was just what I needed to convince me to keep going! Great marketing, I thank you for that!

I am thrilled I can finally say I am moving on and have a plan for my genealogy studies. Then, when this course is complete...well, I will have to pick and choose again. I wonder who will have the next marketing plan at that particular time?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. I am in a bit of the same situation. I am finishing up my last Advanced Methodology class with NIGS and can't decide whether to go on or take the NGS Home Study Course or the BU Course get the idea. So many things to choose from and so little time!

    ProGen is just starting so that will keep me busy at least for a little bit.

    Perpetual Student

  2. This is wonderful to hear, and I admire you for deciding to go for the certificate. It will be fun to read about your experience and what you learn.

  3. Thanks Sheri!

    Thank you too Greta! I will try to keep you informed!


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