Those Places Thursday ~ The Cuyama Buckhorn

One of the Harley runs we have been on a few times has been to New Cuyama. Haven't heard of it you say? Neither had I! It is in Santa Barbara County in the Cuyama Valley. If it weren't for me riding a Harley, there are many places I never would have seen, let alone heard of. "Cuyama" was named after an Indian word for "clams."

 New Cuyama was established in 1951. That makes it 60 years old now. I suppose I should have taken that into consideration whenever we were there as the Cuyama Buckhorn (restaurant, bar and motel) where we used to stay seemed especially old. In fact the whole town seems especially old, it really was a dying town.

 These pictures were taken in 2003. I looked online to see if I could find any information regarding the history of the Cuyama Buckhorn and what I found is that it is now closed down! I am really not surprised, but it is kind of sad to me. The Buckhorn is closed down. So final. This Harley destination is never to be again, except in my memories. I find it really hard to believe anyone would buy it, fix it up and keep the same name.

Right next to the Cuyama Buckhorn was this piece of old farming equipment. Intriguing indeed.

It was a nice ride to New Cuyama on the Harleys. Great bike roads indeed. The closure of the restaurant/bar/hotel, is really a closure for me also. Now when I talk about New Cuyama, the Cuyama Buckhorn and our Harley runs there I will start out with "Remember when..."  

The Cuyama Buckhorn, a true part of my history.

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  1. We have had to slow up on riding our Road King for the past few weeks because of all the rain. Love the early morning rides but it's getting hot here in FL. And that's one weird looking piece of farm equipment!

  2. Hi,
    You'll be happy to know that the Buckhorn has indeed been purchased and the new owner is fixing it up!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Bummer you are having so much rain. The weather this years is very strange for sure. I am not sure exactly what this piece of equipment did, it is weird!


    That is VERY exciting! I wonder if the name will stay the same, and when the anticipated opening will be? Never say never!

  4. any word on when the buckhorn will reopen???

  5. any word on when the buckhorn will reopen???

  6. I looked and can not tell anything. Hopefully someone will see this and let us both know!

  7. The new Owners fixed up the Motel part only and do not intend to open the rest. We are in negotiations with the new owners to take possesion and get it back to it's glory days. Live bands, good food, a car show and/or bike ralley. This is a huge part of our family history and we intend to make it fabulous again. We hope to have the bar up and running by summer. The name stays the same. Hope to see you there!

  8. Interesting, thanks for letting us know! Maybe you can let us know when it opens again then too!

  9. the buckhorn is alive. It is being re done as we speak and going to open this summer!!!!

  10. ...and it is open again now, as we speak!


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