Raking The Ashes Second Edition

The California Genealogical Society (CGS) has announced this book, Raking The Ashes by Nancy Peterson, Second Edition, has been released! If you are researching San Francisco based ancestors, this book is a must have! It will assist you regarding the lost records in the 1906 earthquake and even assist you in working  around other areas where records may have been lost. 

The first book was published in 2006, this, the second edition has been substantially updated and expanded. This book has been published by the California Genealogical Society and retails for $25.00.

For further information please check out the Raking The Ashes Website, the California Genealogical Society, and /or the California Genealogical Society & Library Blog at California Ancestors.Com

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  1. Thanks for the reminder - I need to get this book!

  2. Cheryl,
    Thanks so much for helping to spread the word! BTW, your blog masthead is gorgeous! Love the colors, too.

  3. You are welcome Debi!

    Kathryn, you are welcome and thank you so much!


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