#31 WBGB ~ Week 2 ~ The Countdown

Welcome to Week 2 of Tonia's Roots Challenge ~ 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog! If you are just joining us, you can read the kick-off post here.
For week 2, we are focusing on list posts.  You are probably familiar with list posts; they have been a part of successful blog-writing for a long time.

I am going at this a little backwards maybe for this challenge, but this is how I'd like to do it! My mother always said I never did anything the normal way...but I think she was referring to when I was sick...but that is another story.

The top ten items currently on my to do list, genealogically speaking, to hopefully accomplish this week:

10. Print documents for my Westby family.

 9.  Take the stack of printed copies and load into archival safe pages.

 8.  Look through my CD's to see if I have a copy of the census records I accumulated as I can                    
       not find them on my computer at this point.

7.  Make a binder with sub divisions and cover labels for the Westby family, enter
       all documents.

6.  Do my class work. I am currently taking a free class from the National Institute for Genealogical
      Studies, which was a gift in the GeneaBlogger swag bags from Jamboree.

5.  Attending and doing Tonya's Roots Challenge ~ 31 Weeks to a better Genealogy Blog. 

4.  Enter Westby family information and sources into my new family tree.

3.  Learn  all I can about Google+.

2.  Update and post to my GYR blog.
                                              And, drum roll please ~

1. Move Heritage Happens to my own domain, which I purchased when I was at

This is an ambitious plan for me this week, especially when I throw in everything else I need to do. Wish me luck! I think I better get started.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. I wish you good luck!
    I know there are many things you want to do and often it takes quite some time ....
    It's a good idea to write everything down so you have a list to check out ... and work for ... but then I do not think it's so dangerous if you do this in reverse order ...! :)

  2. Cheryl, I'm sure you will meet your goals, no problem there. Regarding #1, what is that about, will you not be on blogspot? (Maybe you could write a post or something abt. it.) Thanks.

  3. Dang girl, that's a big list! I hope you get everything done.

    Oh, and backwards is fine. It works for David Letterman. : )

  4. Thank you Yvonne! As always there is NEVER enough time for everything I want to do. Ho Hum. I have to many lists! lol

    Hi Barbara! You have so much faith in me! I don't in myself, but I will be pushing! I did purchase my own URL and will post on it when I get the blog moved.

    Hi Tonya, it is a big list, so far I have only completed one thing one it...better get cracking!

  5. I'm interested in purchasing my own URL as well but the whole concept of moving the blog has me flummoxed. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience, once you get it done.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I do plan to post about this, it has been an experience I must say!


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