Jamboree 2011 ~ Last Day

Here it is, the last day of Jamboree 2011. What classes did I take today? 

My first class was with Lou Szucs ~ "Court Records: Mirror of a Nation", sponsored by Ancestry.com. I was excited because I had never heard Lou Szucs speak before. I wasn't disappointed either. My attention was totally mesmerized when I saw on the screen that she suddenly was talking about the probate of William Fleming from Kilkenny, Ireland. Then I saw the name James Fleming, and I know it was awhile until I actually heard her next words. My mind was racing like crazy. I have a William Fleming from Kilkenny, Ireland and a grandfather whose was named James Fleming! She mentioned that a lot of the research on this family was complete, but it certainly isn't on my end! I waited when the session was over to speak with Lou. Once I did, I found out it wasn't the same line, drats. But hey, you never know, right?

Next I took ~ "What Could Have Happened: Creating and Proving a Hypothesis to Solve a Tough Problem" with Kory Meyerink. Kory is a wonderful speaker and I am glad I took his session! This may have been the class in which I took the most notes, I am not sure. He gave us steps, objectives, hypothesis, and a variety of ideas to think about. He spoke about brainstorming, proving and patronymics, among other things. There was so much information covered, I am not sure I could tell you what hit me most. I imagine the whole process explained in Cory's words is what was best, the whole process!

Donna Pointkowski

The third session of the day I attended Thomas MacEntee's ~ "It Is Well With My Soul-Finding Ancestors Amid the Rubble of Disaster and Misfortune." Definitely not a new speaker for me, but one I truly enjoy and support! Thomas brought up all types of disasters and misfortunes I hadn't even thought about regarding family history, probably because I haven't had to deal with much of it in my own personal research, at least not yet. Great ideas and links for research regarding many of these disasters were shared with us by Thomas. The time went so fast, boom, it was over!

The last session of the day, that I took, was given by Tony Burroughs, another new speaker for me. His session was entitled "Researching Cemeteries and Funeral Homes." Another great session!  Tony got in depth talking about cemetery searches and how to determine what cemetery the deceased is buried at. He also discussed the many sources you could search concerning a particular death, some I never thought would even be available to look at. Of course, each cemetery is different, they have their own rules about what they will share regarding a deceased person. But, not all records that may be helpful are from the cemetery!

Susan Kitchens

Jamboree 2011 did it to me again. Sunday, just as last year, I enjoyed my favorite sessions, and more than likely learned the most too. I think I was smart, focusing on hitting sessions of some of those I hadn't heard before. Of course, there are a few favorites I have to sneak in too.

Time for the main raffle, a trip to Salt Lake City, and Jamboree was over. I didn't win anything in the raffles. Quick good byes to those we knew, and then it was as if an earthquake was coming, people quickly scattered and headed home. It was a great weekend, so much fun, so much always to learn. It will be a little less than a year before Jamboree comes around again, will you be there? I know I will!

Thank you to EVERYONE (Paula, Leo, SCGS, the volunteers, the Marriott, the speakers, the vendors, the bloggers, and everyone else who hasn't been mentioned, for doing what you do and making Jamboree one of the highlights of my year! Kudos to you all!

(Oh, and maybe I will work on the plank, for next year...)

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Sound like you had a wonderful time! Lots of classes I would have loved to have taken. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like it was such a good time!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing all this interesting! I wish I had could been there..;))

  4. Thanks for sharing. Since I wasn't able to attend (even though I had been planning to), I purchased the recordings. Your synopsis will help me decide what to start listening to first.

    BTW - the recordings package they offered was a great deal, in my opinion. Especially for someone who REALLY wanted to attend but couldn't.


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