Jamboree 2011 ~ A Few New Bloggers I Met, And A Photo NOT Staying at Jamboree!

I have been so busy watching grandchildren and dogs, messing with my blog and dealing with issues on Facebook. It has taken me until last night to get caught up on blog posts from the two long weekends away this month. I wasn't able to comment on every post I read by any means, but I did try to make a few comments along the way. I am glad to be caught up again at least with my Google Reader. 

Now, I am behind on Jamboree posts. This has taken a bit of time also as I have tried to crop most of the photos I am sharing from this event. There were a few photos also that I sent to people involved for permission to print. I do have a few of photos that I would never post as they are either, really bad pictures, not good shots of the individuals involved, OR are pictures that happened at Jamboree and STAY at Jamboree. A few of these I have gone on to send to the appropriate individuals so they can at least see and have their own copy to keep if they so choose.

 I do have plenty of pictures I didn't ask individuals for permission to share, and I am sharing them anyway. I think they are good photos or I wouldn't post them. I do not wish to offend anyone by any of the pictures I post (I apparently have done that before) but, if I post one of you that you are not happy with, PLEASE let me know and I will remove the photo! I truly just wish to share pictures of some of the blogging stars that attended Jamboree. 

If you haven't seen a picture of yourself in this years Jamboree posts, it just means I didn't get a decent one of you that I felt I could print, didn't get a picture of you at all, or you are under the age of 18. I do not like posting pictures of children, I believe that is up to the family to decide if they wish to share these online. 

So without further ado, here are a few more pictures from Jamboree....hope you enjoy!

These photos are of some of the new bloggers I had the privilege to meet this year at Jamboree ~

Caroline Pointer
 Family Stories
Family Stories in Stone
For Your Family Story
Texas Family Stories
Wow, four blogs! That is a lot to keep up with, for sure! Caroline also tweets and has a quick wit. I will never have much of a quick wit, but am envious of those that do. I think she worked hard at Jamboree too, always doing something. I'm guessing I need to set some time restraints on how I spend my time on the computer because I can barely accomplish much less than Carolyn does! I don't know what else she accomplishes in her personal life in a day, but I am thinking maybe I need a time limit for each item I do online?  Randy Seaver, blogger of Genea-Musings, and more, spends x amount of time reading blogs, writing blogs, researching, Facebooking, etc. I have never had to budget before, how do I do that?

15 minutes reading blogs, 15 minutes to shower, 15 minutes to read e-mail, 15 minutes for Starbucks, 15 minutes to reply to email, 15 minutes to eat breakfast, ah geez, I just got a phone call and I am over an hour already, need to learn to speed read...just don't think I know how to do this! Kudos to you Carolyn!

Donna Peterson

 I just realized Donna has "FLEMING" as a research name listed on her blog! Some of the countries she has ties to are Ireland, Norway and Sweden. I also have all of this in my family. I grew up a "Fleming." To bad we didn't realize this while at Jamboree. I will have to read more on her blog to see if there are any potential matches anywhere! Maybe, just maybe Donna and I are distant cousins somehow, wouldn't that be cool! Watch out Donna I'll be on your tail! (Or have I been there before? The mind is gone I am telling you...)

Donna HagueWendt

I have to say, Donna sure surprised me! She was the most enthusiastic and  truly happy of anyone to meet me! I wish I had been able to capture that enthusiasm on film! She made me feel like I was really someone special. She was so happy to see me because she said something to the effect that I always leave positive comments. Did I miss something here? Don't we all leave positive comments? I thought that was what we were suppose to do. Not sure I want to go back and read what kind of comments people are leaving on her blog! Maybe if she sees this she can clarify for me. Not to spoil the excitement though,
 "It was wonderful and great fun to meet you too Donna!"

Patricia Stanard

Have you ever had someone come up and tell you that you look just like someone they know? It has been awhile for me, but Patricia did just that to me at Jamboree. My first thought was "that poor woman." Upon further discussion Patricia explained who she thought I looked like that she knew. Again I thought "oh, that poor woman." Then after this particular session in which Patricia was volunteering (you can see her hard at work above) and I happened to be attending, she asked if she could have a picture taken with me. Of course was my reply. Then I thought, "she must be going to show that poor woman that there is someone who looks like her." Suddenly, she isn't such a poor woman anymore, now there are two of us!  Patricia, if you see this you should remind me who it was you thought I looked like again, my brain can't remember, the second time it is shot in one post! I hope that poor woman has a better memory than me, then she would be "the richer poor woman!"

The last photo I would like to share with you is of three bloggers who actually attended Jamboree last year and were not new bloggers to me. Remember I said there were some pictures that were taken at Jamboree and were meant to stay at Jamboree? Well, this next one I just couldn't keep at Jamboree, it HAD to be shared on my blog! This occurred on pajama night while having cookies and punch, and before "Peter whacking." I have heard a few different stories regarding this picture which  involves Susan Kitchens, Joan Miller and Elyse Doerflinger. I choose to let your imagination wander...

"Planks Well With Others!"

Maybe the punch was spiked?

A true test of strength, and timed to boot! I have "planked" myself and it is more difficult than you can imagine! I won't mess with these three ladies! (I have more photos of them "planking," but HAD to stop here.)

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

 Copyright © 2011 By Cheryl Palmer All Rights Reserved


  1. In my defense, Susan is doing a workout every night and she asked me and Joan to do the exercises with her. And I'll admit that Joan and Susan were amazing at their planks (the exercise we are doing) and I totally suck. Evidence that I really need to spend less time researching and more time exercising.

  2. In your defense Elyse, YOU ROCKED IT right along with Susan and Joan!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    The person I said you reminded me of was one of the attorneys I work for at my job. I haven't shown her the picture yet because eversince Jamboree I have been real busy here, but hopefully I will remember after the holiday. Have a great weekend and it was a pleasure meeting you. See you next year at Jamboree!!!

  4. Very cute post! I'll be watching out for those plankers when I have the opportunity to meet them. I hate planks. Anyone who can do that is pretty incredible in my book. lol


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