Those Places Thursday ~ Skien, Norway

A few years back I met one of my "first cousins once removed." He lives only a couple of hours or so away from me, and yet that was the first time I had met him. Once upon a time he was very involved with genealogy. At the time I met with him though, his genealogy files had been boxed away, his interest had waned. 

Thankfully, he and his wife were very kind and welcomed me into their home. My cousin didn't seem to mind pulling some of his treasures out of storage to share with me. One of the treasures was this photo that I scanned. I remember being in total awe as I learned how it fit into my family. 

The photo came from a Norwegian genealogy text of which, unfortunately, I have no further information. This building in the forefront is actually where my great grandmother, Dagny Elina Dulin, and her family lived. It is located in Skien, Norway. They lived on the first floor, Dagny and her twelve siblings and parents. The genealogy text stated that this flat "was big and down-right awe inspiring"...

Dagny was born in 1872 in Skien, Norway. When I saw this photo I figured the rumors that her family being "well to do" could be true! Supposedly, a family member was in Parliament and Dagny's father, Hans, owned a newspaper and a bank. Which brings me back to wondering, why did Dagny leave Norway to come to America? 

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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