Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 9

The past week had been crazy busy for me! I am grateful that it was. It meant I didn't have time at all to make myself nervous or worry about the upcoming interview in Los Angeles with the TV program's director, and two casting individuals, one of which is the casting director.

As you may remember, I started a dog sitting business in my home this year. I happened to have three beautiful, large dogs to care for this past week, along with my own dog. I also cared for my grandchildren three full days and worked a couple of shifts at the yoga studio. I felt fortunate that I was able to squeeze in Thomas MacEntee's fantastic Webinar hosted by Legacy ~ "Building a Research Toolbox." 

Have you attended any of the vast amount of Webinars that have been offered? (There is a link to the right of my blog where you can see those Webinars that are upcoming) I have personally attended at least 12 of these, and they have all been fabulous. Although I have been to busy to put to use much of what I have learned, I have many pages of notes to help me catch up when time allows.

Finally the end of the week came, it was Friday. I now had time to think about and prepare for my interview and the flight down south the next morning. It was all about "what should I wear?" ~ "are the clothes I want to wear clean and pressed?" ~ "do I need to shop for anything?" "what personal grooming needs do I have? Manicure, pedicure, haircut?" ~ "What shall I do with all the extra time I will have after my 45 minute interview?" I had one day to figure it all out and get ready.

That evening I finally felt I was ready for my flight in the morning. Just in time too as it was almost time for "GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio" and "Who Do You Think You Are?" one of the very few TV shows I actually watch. It was to be the last show of the season, featuring Ashly Judd. Thankfully, my husband DVR'D the program for me the week prior because I decided I wanted to follow GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio for the full 2 hours. Usually, I followed the radio show for an hour and then watched WDYTYA? the second hour. I finally got smart and figured out I didn't have to miss any of the radio show if I didn't want to. So, as of today, I still have not seen the show from a week ago, which I believe featured Gwyneth Paltrow, nor have I seen Friday night's show with Ashley Judd. I again was smart enough to have hubby DVR the program because I knew I was going to be interrupted by the phone calls and visitors that I was expecting.

So, I spent most of the evening with Thomas MacEntee and GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio. There were three guest speakers who covered New England Genealogy and the Mayflower Society, Josh Taylor, Diane Rapaport, and Heather Wilkinson Rojo. I enjoyed each of the speakers, amazing information they had to share! Have you attended GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio? (There is a link at the right) The radio show started the same evening as this season's WDYTYA?, which means there has now been 8 shows. The show will continue even though WDYTYA? is over for the season.

During the radio show Thomas announced that "someone" suggested he highlight a blog during each show. He thought that was a great idea and was going to highlight the first blog that particular evening. I also thought this was a great idea and wondered who came up with it. I looked forward to hearing whose blog would be highlighted and how Thomas was going to showcase the blog.

I love GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio! You get to listen to Thomas and his guest speakers, plus others tend to call in and chat also. A "chat board"  is on the front page of the radio program where you can manually converse also with those in attendance. Are you aware that door prizes are given away on the radio program? Yes their are and I won a door prize two weeks in a row! After that I felt guilty and thought others should win also, so I haven't tried to win anything since.

At this point I am listening to GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio and chatting away on the chat board simultaneously. Thomas says it is time to announce a blog to highlight. Great! I was anxious to hear this! The next thing I know, he is talking about ME and Heritage Happens! I asked my husband to turn the TV down so he could hear... I was SO surprised and caught SO off guard!

Thomas chose to share with the audience this series, the "Great Swedish Adventure!" He announced that I was going to be flying to LA the next morning for an interview, that I was in the top 40 choices to be on the TV show, and that the 40 people were going to be narrowed to ten. I am not sure exactly how it all played out, when, what or how everything was said, but I do know he asked me to call in, which I did. I shared on the radio that I had been planning to go to Sweden sometime this year, somehow,  because I really wanted to meet a cousin and his family who found me on my blog towards the end of last year. Ultimately, after a few minute conversation, Thomas wished me luck, as did many of the listeners on the chat board.

Wow! I sure felt like a star! My blog was the first to be highlighted on GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio, where so many of my fellow blogging friends were able to wish me luck at my interview the next day! Now, how special was that? Thomas, you have no idea how surprised, shocked and honored I felt! I thank you and all of my blogging friends who have supported, followed and encouraged me along during this amazing adventure! I have appreciated and felt that I truly needed all of the good luck I have received. Even now, I can still use "good luck," or Lycka till!

                                 A couple of notes and thank yous!

I would like to thank Randy Seaver from Genea-Musings who noted my blog and this series in his "Best of The Week" Post a week ago! Thank you Randy, it was a great surprise and I appreciate that you chose my posts!

I also need to thank Sharn White from Family History 4 u and Sharn's Genealogy Jottings for nominating me a couple of weeks ago for the Ancestor Approved Award! My apologies to Sharn for taking so long to acknowledge this honor! Sharn, I thank you so much, and really appreciate you thinking of Heritage Happens! I will add your name to this award which I have previously received. Because this award has been passed around quite a bit, I will not forward it on this time, but it doesn't mean I am not as appreciative! Thank you!

And now I am closing before this post before it becomes a novel, or has it already?

Tack alla så mycket! Thank you all so much!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

Copyright © 2011 By Cheryl Palmer All Rights Reserved


  1. WOW you are one popular and busy lady! I've been enjoying reading about your preparing for this interview and am eagerly awaiting your post on how it went.

  2. Cheryl, You have really been involved in a lot! It's amazing. You write so interesting, so I JUST HAVE TO KNOW how it goes in next few weeks ...
    Have a nice time in the meantime!


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