Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 7

Edit: April 6, 2011 Adding ~ "If you have been following along with this adventure already, I thank you! If you are new to my blog or are not up to date with this series of posts, I suggest you go back and read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 before continuing on here with Part 7."

Seventh post? Really? Really!

In the beginning, back in February, I entered this audition because I knew if I didn't I would never forgive myself. Yes, I expected to be cut within the first couple of steps. I never imagined I would still be writing about the Great Swedish Adventure! This is what I call AWESOME!

After my phone interview I have to admit I felt pretty darn good. I actually felt for the first time that I just may make it to the next step. I had the confidence. Of course, I had no idea when or if  I would hear anything. I found myself actually getting nervous and a bit anxious. This was so exciting! I had come so far! I had come further than I ever imagined. Wow. What if it was over now? Never mind, I had confidence, I wasn't going to think about not making the next round! It was Monday and I was going to be confident! I AM CONFIDENT! 

I stopped worrying about it and went about my normal routine. Every now and again a thought would pass through my brain...with a bit of wonder, and I would just as quickly toss it out of my mind! Wednesday came and I found that morning I was still telling myself I was not going to let this take over my thoughts. From that point on I think I truly forgot all about it, but it did help that I had a rather busy day.

Late that afternoon I headed to the yoga studio to work my evening shift. After approximately 45 minutes, I grabbed my phone. I was expecting a call from a friend and when I was at the studio, I always muted my phone, I didn't want to disturb anyone, especially when they were in savasana or "corpse pose."

I checked my email also and saw that I had one from the casting director of the Great Swedish Adventure. This was not a good sign...I was expecting a phone call from them. I took a deep breath and clicked open the email. This is what it said ~


Congrats you have made it to our final callback!

We would like to invite you to LA either 7-8-9 of April. You let me know what day is best for you, and second best for you. We fly you in morning and out at night unless you chose to stay longer we can arrange your ticket accordingly to that. A lot of people have family and friends in our final callbacks cities and have asked to stay. No problems for us, we just dont pay for hotels.

Sometimes there is a lot of choices in flight times and our schedule is open. So I wanted to see if early morning is good for you.
I also need the full name on you government ID card for the ticket, date of birth and a phone number.

We look forward to seeing you!"

I wanted to yell and scream and get so dang excited, but I couldn't, there were two yoga sessions going on. So, I went outside and called my daughter and husband. I wanted to scream when I was telling them, but still I couldn't. At least outside I was able to speak much louder and be genuinely excited! Of course they were excited and thrilled for me!

Until this point, there weren't to many people that knew what I had been doing. After the last phone interview I was starting to get a bit excited and opened up to a few friends. But now? I was on the phone and emailing all of my family and friends. If I hadn't told someone, you bet they knew by the next time they saw me!

I made it to the final cut! Of over one thousand (I soon learned there were over a thousand) people, I made it to the top 40! Reminds me of making "Family Tree's Top 40 Blogs" for 2010. AGAIN, I was in the top 40! Can you just imagine how I was feeling? Indescribable!

My sisters, father and most of my friends were among those who didn't have a clue as to what I had been doing. Not any longer, now EVERYONE (or close to it) knows the full story, step by step, cut by cut. I am so proud of myself! I never planned on making it to the TV show, let alone getting this far. I know I have said it before, but I am truly stunned! This is it now, it is do or die time!


At this point, there are a few things I would like to add. 

First ~ I want to thank everyone who has wished me well and had confidence in me! You all rock! Most of the time you had more confidence than I did. You have made me laugh and smile. Mostly you have given me tremendous support with your comments and emails. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Second ~ A few people that have been or have had loved ones applying for the TV show, have made contact asking me more about "where things are at" for me regarding this process and where I am located in the country. 

I would like to answer these questions. I am located on the west coast, just east of the San Francisco Bay Area. So, I am so sorry to tell you, I have known I made the final cut for a couple of weeks. I know there was a date thrown out there that you would know by a certain day in April, and I am wondering if there are spots they have kept open in case they aren't happy with 10 people out of the 40. In other words, maybe they aren't ready to fully let you go yet. 

If that isn't the case, I do feel the company should have had someone call applicants to at least let them know they didn't make it, instead of keeping people hanging! I know I would want that, and feel I deserve that. But then I have no idea how this industry really works, maybe that is common, they call you back if you make it, not if you don't. If then, you didn't make the cut, I am sorry. I know it would be very disappointing. Remember, I very well could be with you after this next interview!

Third ~ There are two places in the country where the last interviews will be held. There will be interviews in New York City, which actually started today! The remaining interviews will be held in LA at the end of this week, which is where I will be heading for mine. 

Fourth ~ Ten people will be chosen out of the 40. I have a 1 in 4 chance of making it all the way. After the interviews, I have been informed that we should know if we made it to the show by April 21.

So what do you think? Are my odds good? Have I come this far to be turned away at the end? Do you have any thoughts to share that may help me with this interview? Do you think I am nervous? How do you think I will handle this if I don't make the final cut? Do you think I spread all of these happenings over to many posts, even if it was actually longer between these happenings for me, then the length of time you had to wait? Do you think this post is already to long? OH, HECK, I DO! Nighty night, I need some big time beauty rest!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Cheryl, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am for you. This is such an exciting time and I just know you must be drinking all of it in. Kudos and I hope you win it all!!!!

    I am disappointed for my son. I am saddened that they told him he would be getting a final callback twice, but now obviously have changed their minds. But, I have to respect their choices, they know what makes good TV and who they want to see on the show. He said every contact with them was wonderful and they are extremely nice people. I am proud that he made it almost to the end.

    Best of luck!!!

  2. Yaaay! If this story doesn't end with you enjoying a nude spider-eating ritual* with your new-found Swedish relatives, then there's something wrong with the universe.
    * Nude spider-eating ritual optional.

  3. Cheryl, I'm so excited for you - what an adventure it has been so far. Have fun in LA and looking forward to hearing what happens next :-) Jo

  4. "Lycka till!" (Good luck in Swedish) and you'll have a lot of positive karma following you into the next stage as all your genealogy friends are thinking about you! I can hardly wait to hear about the next installment of the saga!

  5. OK I am marking your genealogy goals as complete for the year 2011. And to think - I did not have to crack a whip at you even once! I am so proud of you. You are so perfect for this show, how could you not make it all the way to the top!

  6. Not that you need any extra help - you seem to be doing phenomenally well all on your own - but candles lit, fingers crossed and some Swedish Fish set up at a little shrine in the kitchen. If they've a lick of sense they'll toss you on a plane for Stockholm immediately.

  7. As far as I am concerned no roller coaster ride is perfect, nor even the merry go round. Cause well the worst is the part where it stops and it's over. But the ride was great. what ever it is it's a happy memory of a great run. think of it as perpetual motion. One reaction creates another.

  8. Nice! Good luck with the final callback. It seems like your chances are good. That's the best kind of roots travel--the kind where you're on television!

  9. Wow-wow-wow! Congratulations, Cheryl! Can't wait to learn how you do in La-la land. Break a leg – and may I have your autograph?!

  10. This is just so exciting. My fingers and toes are crossed and I join Susan in lighting candles!

  11. Congrats, Cheryl! With your enthusiasm and excitement, they'd be crazy not to pick you! Best of luck in the final round!

  12. Jag önskar dig: Lycka till!
    I truly believe that you have a very, very good chance to win! You have that "extra" that is needed!
    See you when you come to Sweden ...!

  13. Anonymous,

    I am so sorry about your son not making it.

    You are all so awesome and confident! I love all of your comments ;-)

    Jag tackar er alla! "I thank you all!"

    Yvonne, I have to ask, if I make it to Sweden, you would really come up to see me?

  14. Cheryl, I would certainly try and do all I can! It would be great fun to meet you here in Sweden, and then I'd be your support!....hope....! Goooood Luck!

  15. Yvonne, another reason I need to get to Sweden, to meet you! That would be so awesome!

  16. OMG! April 7, 8 or 9 that's like TODAY! I hope you had a great time, if your interview is already over. If it hasn't occurred yet, I am sending calming thoughts of clarity and confidence your way. Good luck!


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