Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 6

If you have been following along with this adventure already, I thank you! If you are new to my blog or are not up to date with this series of posts, I suggest you go back and read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 before continuing on here with Part 6.

An actual phone call from Sweden! A call telling ME I made it through to the next round! Shock…total...amazement...did I say shock?

I have to admit that there isn't but a very few things that could or would distract me from my grandchildren. I also have to admit this phone call was one of those things. I didn't even remember setting my granddaughter down on the floor, I just knew I wasn't holding her any longer and I was in my own little world. I do remember staring into space in such total shock. Thank goodness nothing dangerous or hurtful happened to my grandchildren during this time because for a few minutes I would have denied that they were even in the same room with me. now...was I prepared for an oral interview? Of course not! I was totally caught off guard by this phone call but I certainly couldn't say no! 

From what I actually remember (yes, I think I was in shock longer than I care to admit) the interview commenced more like a conversation with an old friend than an actual interview. I enjoyed speaking with this representative from Sweden. She asked me lots of questions that were very easy to answer and conversation just seemed to flow. It was incredible, if you know my personality at all, that I actually relaxed during our conversation.

Eventually, I was given details regarding the next step in this adventure, and then I was asked a few more questions. One of those questions in particular stands out in my mind. 

"Is there anything you would not do on television?" 

Without thinking at all I replied, "Well, I wouldn't eat spiders or anything like that and for sure I wouldn't take my clothes off!" There was full laughter at the other end of the phone. It was great to hear. As I said we had a great conversation.

I was told that there were over 900 people from the United States that sent applications in for this TV show. Wow, that is a heck of a lot of people! Odds certainly are against me here. Incredible! Me, against all of those people, and I have made it this far! WOW! 

Now, I was again being asked several more questions ~

Could I be available for an "in person interview" in the next few weeks if I made it to the next level? 

Would I be able to travel to somewhere in the United States, if asked, for that interview? 

The TV show could last anywhere from 8 to 30 days, could I be away from home for 30 days if it came down to that? 


At the end of our conversation, this gal was laughing and she told me that she really liked me. She said she had to be honest with me though, there were other people making phone calls also. After all of the calls were made, they would get together and choose 40 people from those who were called! SO, in other words, it was not up to her to make the final decision if I were to move on or not. But, she told me ~

"I really like you and I am going to pull for you!"

An absolutely amazing end to this phone interview. I was floating on cloud nine!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Oh WOW Cheryl!! I am so rooting for you! What an amazing adventure you are having, thanks for taking us along with you! ~smiles~ Keep doing what you are doing! seems to be working

  2. This is awesome - I'm rooting for you, too!

  3. Nice! Sounds like the interview went really well! And to have her say she's pulling for you - that's even better.

  4. I LOVE the spiders thing! that's the first thing that came to my mind, too, quickly followed by a "no nudity" policy. We must be related.

    ;) (I'm one of Cheryl's sisters who uses anonymous as i can't remember the password to my old ID!!!)

    Ok, sister, the torture is kinda fun. ... but yer rockin' it!!

  5. Atta girl, you keep your clothes on!! I'm pulling for you too. Don't let all the fame go to your head though. Remember the little bloggers.

  6. How exciting for you! I hope that they see how much fun you would be. :-D

  7. You go, girl! We're all rooting for you here!

  8. How exciting!!! I sure hope you make it!! :)

  9. I found your blog and was wondering if you are closer to the East Coast/West Coast. I know they are doing the final callbacks in New York today because I read another girl's blog about her adventure. My son had the same experience as you, same phone calls, questions, etc. But we are West Coast where the main offices are for the production company. My hope is that they haven't notified the West Coast contestant of the final callbacks. Perhaps they are going to see what they find in NY and then move forward?

    Not sure....but the other blog I read showed that the girl was notified two weeks ago that she was being invited to the final callbacks.

    I am sad.....hoped my son would be off to Sweden, but it looks like that window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

    I hope you are West Coast and get a final callback.

  10. I forgot to add that two of the production people told him that they were sure he would be getting a final callback.

    Such an amazing experience this would have been. ;o(

  11. I'm pulling for you Cheryl. Still haven't got my call. They said if I do it will be by April 8th. Good Luck!!! I was told that in Sweden that you are supposed to hold your thumbs in for luck (like crossing your fingers). Well today I ran into a couple from Sweden that stopped by my fair town and they said I was doing it wrong. Your are only supposed to hold one thumb in or the luck will run out the other thumb. Now I know why they haven't called.

  12. Charles, love the story about the thumb/good luck! It is also good to hear that you were told by April 8th. My son was told the callbacks would most likely be the 2nd week in April. But reading the other young ladies blog has me feeling a little discouraged.

    Are you west coast or east coast, if you don't mind me asking.

    And Cheryl I am rooting for you, Charles, and my son!

  13. I'll keep my fingers crossed and my thumb up for you. Please keep me updated. This is so exciting!!

  14. I live in the great state of Nebraska.

  15. I just returned from the Land of No Internet again so I am catching up on your adventure. I have been on pins and needles! It is so exciting that you made it to the next step and your conversation went so well! Now on to Part 7...

  16. Fingers crossed on one hand and thumb tucked in on the other for you!


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