Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 11

On the morning of April 11, I received notification of a comment for my blog post, "Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 8." The comment was from "Anonymous," and it arrived just two days after I made the trip to LA for my interview. Upon returning home, I was feeling so wonderful, happy and appreciative of all of my experiences with the "Great Swedish Adventure!"

I was really caught off guard and felt like I had been slapped upside the head with a wet noodle when I read this particular comment from "anonymous." I originally chose not to allow this comment to go through to my blog. It is, after all, my blog and if I choose not to have drama on my blog, then I choose not to have drama on my blog! Pretty amazing, the decision is up to ME!

I realize that with the good, sometimes comes "the bad." I feel very fortunate that I haven't had many issues with "the bad" during the two and a half years I have been writing this blog. Now that I have received a negative comment directed at ME, it is all about how do I "treat" "the bad?" Spam for instance, I automatically delete. This though is different. Do I want to acknowledge this person's criticisms? Do I really want to spend time on negative behavior? Do I owe this person any explanations? My answer to each of these questions is no. I do not want nor wish to waste my time on negative criticisms.

I have decided to acknowledge this particular matter however, for a few reasons:

     1. To remind ANYONE who wishes to leave a negative comment, that this is MY blog, I decide whether your comment will be shared here or not.

    2. To let "anonymous" know, I do not owe you an answer nor a response to your childish behavior. By the way...What is your name? What are you hiding, anonymous?

    3. Also, those who feel they need to leave negative remarks on ANYONE'S blog, just remember, every blog owner has the same rights that I do, they can choose if they want those comments to post on their blog or not.

    4. The main reason I chose to respond to this ridiculous comment is because the comment was made in reference to the "Great Swedish Adventure" and I would like to set the record straight.

That being said, I have to admit I was surprised and saddened to receive this comment. It originally hurt (anonymous has no idea how far from the truth he/she really is) but now I realize the comment was more than likely made out of  jealousy. Bottom line, I know the accusations are not true. Here is the comment:

"After reading your statement in Part II "There were other areas though (which I choose not to discuss) that I felt would probably hurt my chances with this great opportunity, and there were probably more of those than my one good, adventurous area". I believe you got this far by witholding information that you obviously knew would keep you from being considered. You have been in contact with family in Sweden and know a whole lot more about Sweden than you let the television folks know. You knew this would dwindle your chances as it has for others who were found to be "over qualified". I believe if you get accepted you are taking a position in the game that should have gone to someone who genuinely deserves it more than you. Someone who wants to know more about their Swedish family roots but hasnt been as successful or as fortunate as you to have found them. So tell us, as I am sure we all want to know.... what were these "other areas" that you felt "would probably hurt" your "chances with this great opportunity"? And does the Great Swedish Adventure know you are blogging about it? How do they feel about that?" 

Here is my response ~


What you believe and what you know are two different things. What I chose not to discuss, I still choose not to discuss, it really isn't any of your business. I will tell you though, that anything not discussed here, the Great Swedish Adventure already knows! So, there are NO secrets from them! 

Yes, I have had contact with distant family in Sweden, and no, I do not know more about Sweden than I am letting on. "Those things" I thought may hurt my chances haven't, or I wouldn't have gotten this far. "Those things" came out earlier in this competition, you are just unaware of them. 

Apparently, you were told you were "over qualified" which is exactly why you have become so angry with me. The thought of being "over qualified" had never crossed my mind until now, by you bringing it up. So, because you were over qualified you felt it gave you permission to attack me and my qualifications?

If I am lucky and fortunate enough to get accepted for the show, then I will have deserved that spot! I have not and would never take away a chance from anyone else! I have never applied for anything like this, how am I to know what this show is looking for and not looking for in a contestant, any more than you? Oh, but then you are "over qualified!" Maybe you have done this before, applied for a TV show. But then maybe you have been to Sweden or have met one of your relatives from there, I have no idea. I have no more idea about that than I would know anything about what the Great Swedish Adventure is looking for in a contestant.

You can relax and not worry, the Great Swedish Adventure is aware of ALL of my blogs, and we have discussed them, actually now, face to face! The reason I chose to acknowledge this and bring it to light is because I am an honest person and am not "hiding" anything. If the Great Swedish Adventure feels they would like to talk to me regarding this, they are more than welcome to contact me, they have my number. :-) But then, maybe they will feel as I do, that you are simply jealous.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Good for you Cheryl. Just as I said too, this person is jealous, really jealous. I've always known you to be honest (maybe a little too much), but at least you can sleep at night, and wake with your head held high. I'm proud that you've made it this far, and will go all the way, because you are honest.

  2. Cheryl: We all get nasty comments from time to time and isn't the delete button a wondrous thing. Enjoy what's going on with the great Swedish Adventure. All your fans certainly wish you well!

  3. Way to set anonymous straight. If you get to the final 10, you deserve it.

  4. Grrrrr, where's my whip? Never mind, you did a better job at smacking that idiot down than I probably could have. That person didn't even deserve to be acknowledged. Don't let it get to you Cheryl.

  5. Cheryl I sure hope you get the show. Success is a great treat. What on earth are people thinking? Now carry on with the grace and style that you have always shown. You rock.

  6. I can think of dozens of possible "other areas" a person might not wish to blog about, that could hurt their chances, without any deceit involved. You are under no obligation to blog about anything you don't wish to.

    Good luck in the next round!

  7. Geeezzzzz, Cheryl! It blows me away that people can be so jealous and mean. You have worked hard at this and you deserve to go and enjoy your Swedish adventures! You know we are all behind you...all the way. This person isn't worth one more word over. You have my support my MOTRF!!

  8. Cheryl, I'm sorry for this negative. I myself would have been sad if I got such comments. There are always people who will try, well, I do not really know what they want to achieve, really....
    Try to see all the positive things, and I also think you do!
    All I can say: You are the one who definitely deserves to win the Swedish advance! I look forward too see you here in Sweden!
    Take Care!

  9. Cheryl, well it was bound to happen! But you had 10 post before it happened. ~laughs~ Some people get their kicks by ruining someone else's joy. Do not let them win. You handled this very well (much better than I would have) They are just trying to add doubts for you, they didn't make it and they are probably looking to ruin things for anyone else who has progressed. I do not know you personally, but I have been on this adventure with you and have had so much fun! You acknowledged this person and you need to move on. Do not let them win, YOU WIN! ~smiles~ Take care and just keep doing what you have been doing! Can't wait to hear more when you get to Sweden!! Great job

  10. Hi Cheryl! I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I've awarded you the Lovely Blog Award! You can 'pick it up' at

  11. Cheryl, do not let "anonymous" bother you, as they sound extremely bitter. I think you will remember me, I am the poster whose son went through the same process as you, but was not chosen for a final callback. I did not post my name as I didn't want to jeopardize his chances at getting cast for The Great Swedish Adventure. I don't think the other anonymous poster was at all fair to you. You have posted a blog that I took great joy in reading because it confirmed for me that my son was getting close. Anyone else who was trying to get on the show should look at it that way as well. This was a true adventure! A fun thing for me to share with a total stranger.

    As for the Great Swedish Adventure knowing your involvement in all things Swedish.....I know you are correct in saying they know EVERYTHING. They were very thorough up through the last phone call to my son. They know what they want for their television show's success and who will make the "best TV" for them. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, as it will be like I have a friend on the show.

    Good luck! Break a leg!

  12. As somebody who found your blog a couple weeks ago around your 3rd entry, and who interviewed in LA the same day as you, I want to let you know I'm rooting for you to get on the show. Some people are just trolls, and try not to let an anonymous jerk rain on your parade. Good luck!

  13. Go girl!!! You're doing a wonderful job and I hope you get to Sweden and find more roots in the not too distant future.

  14. Cheryl you may want to have a look on my blog post today. There is a new blog that is standing behind people who get comments like that. We can all use a little backup sometimes.

  15. So I have just recently heard back from the tv show. I was wondering if you have? I want to talk to another American who is interested in the show. I know this is silly, but I just want to make sure the show is legit?

    I went to NYC and have now been contacted that they want me on the show, but before I say yes I just wanted to get some other confirmation.

    I am only a college student so I am just a little worried :)

  16. Jessica, please email me at geneaminded @ Thanks, Cheryl

  17. I want to thank you all for your comments on this post. I appreciate the support and have done what I felt I needed to do, so time to move on!

    I would like to thank the anonymous commenter's here, as I know and or remember who you are. The one in the competition still, I wish you luck also and I hope you win!!!!

    Sherry I thank you for the Lovely Blog Award! I will add your name to the list of people who have graciously given this to me! Thank you!

  18. So ... have you heard anything yet? (Like Jessica?) Really looking forward to the next update!

  19. Why is it that people with sour grapes always post as "Anonymous" (present commenters excluced)? Show yerselves, yellow-bellied chickens!

    Ok, now that that's out of my system, I just tuned in to your adventure (have been in mental LaLaLand) and am rooting for you! Go Cheryl!

  20. Cheryl,
    I've not been to your blog in awhile and I'm enjoying reading about your Great Adventure.

    Why has there always got to be one to try to steal your joy and happiness.


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