Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 10

I know everyone has been waiting for a post to hear how the interview went in LA. I apologize, I was side swiped upside my head, but that is another story.

 I have to tell you that it was so much fun, a totally awesome experience! I feel very fortunate having been able to participate in this whole affair. A once in a lifetime deal! I am so glad I chose to apply, even if I am not chosen as one of the final ten!

I flew out of San Jose airport at 9:00am Saturday morning and landed in LA about 10:15 am. I hadn't received the information regarding my transportation from the airport to my final destination, so on my way to the airport I sent a message explaining that I never received this information as promised. 

After the plane landed, and service was available, I turned on my phone. Thankfully the information I was waiting for was there, as was a person to pick me up from the airport! I have to say, I certainly was being well taken care of!

 Apparently, a message had been attempted to be placed to me earlier but for some reason my phone acted as if it was full and wouldn't accept any more messages. Don't know what that was all about...I don't receive that many calls. But, no matter, someone was waiting for me in front of the airport and that was what I needed to know!

Upon departure from the plane we were escorted to a shuttle bus which took us to the baggage terminal. I have to say, this was the first time I have ever not had a single bit of luggage on a plane flight! I was able to walk right past the baggage claim, that itself was a new experience for me, and one I didn't mind at all.

After a few text messages (there are times cells are so handy, what did we ever do without them? I suppose I would have been looking for my name on a cardboard sign otherwise...) I found Julia, the driver, who was accompanied by another gal that flew in from Washington for an interview also.

I sat in the back seat of the car and and enjoyed the conversation, from Julia especially, she was from Sweden and had the Swedish accent! She didn't look "Swedish," but in this day and age who looks "Swedish" or "Latin" or "Hungarian" or anything?

Because, (I think) I have spent so much time in Costa Rica and Mexico and Julia had very dark hair, which is what I was looking at from the back seat, I unconsciously replied to her at one point in Spanish! No, I am not fluent in Spanish, but I was so relaxed and comfortable, it was just my reaction. Too funny. She didn't remark about it, maybe she didn't hear me or know what to say, she was to busy trying to find the way to the freeway!

Driving through LA was interesting for Julia, she had only been in the city a short time. She couldn't get over the fact that there were six lanes going one way on the freeway. She informed us that there were only two lanes in Sweden, one going in each direction. Driving in LA isn't one of my most favorite things to do, I couldn't imagine how she felt. Julia used two GPS's and did get us safely to Hollywood and Vine! Actually, a very short block from there was where we were taken for our interview.

We were a bit late getting to the interview site, so the gal from Washington (whose interview was scheduled first) went in immediately for her interview while I received my packet and filled out some medical paperwork. I was then able to enjoy more conversation with my "chauffeur," Julia, as I waited for my turn to be interviewed. She was young, cute and fun to converse with. She was here on an internship for a few months and was working for the television company, Meter Television. We enjoyed each others company!

More coming soon, I promise! Maybe I will share what hit me upside my head too....

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 


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  1. Waiting with baited breath as I head back to The Land With Almost No Internet or TV very soon. LOL. Guess whose blog I will be checking first when I have one of those brief moments of access!

    I'm glad you had a good time. It's the entire adventure that counts.

  2. What a day that must have been! May there be more.

  3. I read and follow your adventures with excitement ..!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Thanks again for sharing Cheryl! Can't wait to hear more and I am really looking forward to hearing about your trip to Sweden! I know you will be going! Have fun and keep in touch with us!

  5. This comment came through to my email, but blogger wouldn't allow me to post it, so I copied and posted it here. Cheryl

    I think I am your newest greatest fan - you tell a great story, and have us all on the edge of our computer seats waiting for the next installment - from one Swedish-American living in New Zealand, I am cheering for you! Cheers, Karen Teasdale

  6. Bring on Part 11 :-) Well done, Cheryl and fingers crossed! Jo


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