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I have been saying for a couple weeks now that my life could be consumed by webinars! They have been popping up like crazy this month! The webinars have taken a bit of time to sign up for, simply because there are so many. I thought I had signed up for every webinar being offered, but I was disappointed in that I missed a couple that were actually broadcast today. If you haven't hooked yourself up to any of the webinars yet, you need to check out everything that is being offered, they are free! Webinars have been offered from Roots Magic, Legacy, Lisa Alzo, Michael Hait, and DearMYRTLE among others. DearMYRTLE made it easy for us by setting up GeneaWebinars, the one stop shop to see them all! Easy and free, what more could we want? Oh yes, to sign up!

Thomas MacEntee, Mr. GeneaBlogger himself, started GeneaBloggers BlogTalkRadio which airs Friday nights. It starts one hour prior to the "Who Do You Think You Are" episode,7:00pm pacific time. This is a two hour radio show you listen to on your computer. You may call in with questions if you wish, and/or chat on the chat board. There have been six broadcasts as of this writing and Thomas has been adding "guest appearances" lately. The radio program is very informative, educational and fun! As a matter of fact Thomas has been giving away door prizes and I was one of the lucky door prize winners this past Friday night. I won a three month pro-account to! Yes! Thank you to Thomas and for making this happen. Later in the evening Bill West, blogger of "West in New England" fame, became the big winner, winning a lifetime pro-membership to and some other goodies. Congratulations to Bill!

There are a few people hosting genealogy BlogTalkRadio programs now. For instance, I listened to an archive from "Nurturing our Roots" by Antoinette Harrell with her guest Drusilla Pair. Dru blogs at Find Your Folks and we have "known" each other for, I am guessing, six or seven years. We met through online classes we each attended. I really enjoyed listening to Dru and catching up with all she is doing these days, it was a great broadcast and she had so much to share. You can listen to this and others if you sign up at BlogTalkRadio.

Just think, we have so much to keep us involved and interested in genealogy these days, we have ~

     - Blogs
     - Magazines
     - Carnivals
     - Geneabloggers Radio
     - TV (WDYTYA, The Generations Network, etc)
     - Webinars
     - Libraries/Books
     - Conferences
     - Internet sites and programs
     - Classes, online and in class rooms
     - Podcasts
     - Facebook
     - Twitter
     - Skype
     - Genealogy Societies
     - E-mail
     - GeneaPress
     - Wikis

Who could ever get bored? It can almost be overwhelming. Genealogy Blogs alone, how many GeneaBloggers are there now? I believe we are heading towards the 1800 mark. WOW! How does any one person keep up with all of those? What a difference a generation makes. The last generation sure didn't have many of these resources available to them. They mailed letters and patiently waited days for responses. Today we find some things in an instant and try to figure out how we can get more time in our day. 

I just have to say I am very appreciative of all of the genealogical resources and avenues we have. People such as those mentioned above plus many more that have not been mentioned have all made this empowering hobby what it is today. Thank you to each and every one of you! Because of you I get the best of the best! 

Which reminds me, I also want to congratulate Family Tree Magazine's Top Forty GeneaBloggers for this year! Each of these bloggers are most deserving of this honor! Kudos to you all! I personally could imagine the "Top Eighty GeneaBloggers" because I feel there are at least another 40 blogs that could be on top.

On another note, genealogy, or no genealogy ~ We all, I am sure, feel most lucky and blessed after seeing what has happened with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My heart goes out to each and every person that has been affected by this horrible tragedy. I wish I could send out my "poof fairy" and make it all go away...

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

Copyright © 2011 Cheryl Palmer


  1. Thanks for the shout out Cheryl! Listen, I never received an email from you about the door prize - please email me at so Ican make sure you get your 3-month PRO account!

  2. No almost about it, I find it overwhelming. I used to try to keep up with everyone and everything new. I just can't anymore :(

  3. I’ve awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Please visit my blog at to pick up your award!

  4. Hi Cheryl. I see that someone has already beaten me to it, but I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog, and I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. Cheers!

  5. As a new Blogger, I am so overwhelmed by all the new Genealogy opportunities available now. I have been looking at so many Blogs in the past couple of weeks and the Webinars, all I can say is WOW! I am loving it! And I agree with you on Thomas MacEntee's Radio show. I have not missed one in the past 4 weeks and they just seem to be getting better and better! On a side note, I too won the free 3 month Pro Geni, Looking forward to using it more. And again Good Luck on your Sweden Trip! Just know you will make it! Your personality comes through!


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