Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 5

If you have been following along with this adventure already, I thank you! If you are new to my blog or aren't up to date with this series of posts, I suggest you go back and read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 before continuing on here with Part 5.

March 5, 2011

I received an email stating:

"Thank you for your audition for The Great Swedish Adventure! Your profile and responses have been submitted to the casting decision-makers working on the project, and they're eager to see your videos. If you're selected for the next round of casting, you'll be contacted directly."

Finally, I had completed the audition! This seemed like a chore to me by the time I finished this step. Originally, I was emailed the audition information on March 1st. As I believe I stated in Part 4, my mind set was that I needed to get a webcam and I wasn't about to spend the money, besides an online audition made me very nervous for some reason. Therefore I lagged completing this task. I sure was correct about being nervous though, because I REALLY botched this part! I NEVER in a million years expected to get this far, and the whole concept was certainly new to me, auditioning for a TV show? Yeah, right. That's not even thinking about the Sweden part.

On March 4, I received an email saying I had not done the audition yet. They apparently had been informed that there was some confusion with how to complete the online audition, so now they were giving more instructions clarifying how to complete this stage. Well, I did have a bit of confusion with the instructions, only  that I thought at first I had to purchase a web cam. Once I remembered I had one in my laptop, the process wasn't at all difficult. I suppose they thought I hadn't done the audition because of the directions. That was fine because I didn't want them to know the difficulty was actually with me! I wasn't excited about doing an online audition, and did it show!

The email also pointed out that they had received a ton of applications from the United States, and they were stunned that so many people showed an interest. Then they said:

"You were chosen because something in your application stood out."

What stood out? That I had Swedish heritage? That I lived in the United States? That I wanted to go to Sweden to meet my relatives? These were all requests the show had for those who applied, so I can't imagine any of that stood out. The only thing I can think of that may have stood out is the "adventurous" section that I felt was the best part of the application. Could that have been it?

The email went on to say that time was ticking and they really wanted me to complete the audition. Ok, I guess I am suppose to do this, I would never forgive myself if I don't give it a go. I did the audition that same morning and sent it in, horrible as it was. It had been fun and I was able to go through quite a bit of this process, so I was very proud of myself for getting as far as I did!

By now, time didn't mean anything to me in regards to the Great Swedish Adventure. It had left my thoughts, I was back in my own little world...until...

I was carrying "the princess" down the stairs one day when my phone started ringing. I ran quick as I could so the call wouldn't get picked up by the answering machine and gasped "hello." Someone said something and I really couldn't hear them. I asked "What did you say? I am sorry I couldn't hear you?"

The lady at the other end told me she was such and such, FROM SWEDEN! Of course I didn't believe her and had to ask if it was for real. She reassured me she was in Sweden and was with the TV production company! My heart started to race a bit faster...

She asked me if I had a bit of time to talk, of course I said yes. I explained I was watching my grandchildren though so if I got interrupted she would understand why. She told me I made it to the next round...I was dumbfounded...speechless, I mean totally beyond words. She was calling to do an oral interview over the phone! Oh geez....was I ready for this?

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. I'm new to your blog - I started reading at Part 1 last week. I'm so excited to learn more!!!

  2. I would have been scared to death!

  3. I just read all 5 posts. What an adventure!! My husband had Swedish roots, mine are Norwegian. Enjoy your adventure - I'll be reading.

  4. Whoohoo!!!!!! I think I am much less surprised than you '-)

  5. OH my. This is so exciting! You must keep us all posted. It does not seem like there should be many more steps and you are IN!!

    Congratulations. This is so cool. I cannot imagine how this would all feel.

  6. Outstanding! Fingers and toes crossed.

  7. oh my!! This is wonderful Cheryl! I am thrilled for you! All I can say is keep doing whatever you are doing, you are obviously doing it right!!! YAY

  8. Zowie!!!!! I know you are nervous and all that but this is so much FUN to read about! I have full confidence in you and am rooting for you all the way.

  9. How exciting, Cheryl Can't wait to hear about what's going to happen next! Best of luck to you!

  10. I'm loving reading these posts! Good luck! (but I don't think you need it)

  11. Cheryl, I was told I would know by April 8th if I made the next cut. I'm waiting, but not very patiently. I thought I bombed on the interviews as well, but I tend to be pretty hard on myself also.

  12. Pretty exciting news, and you are making us wait? When you get to Sweden, maybe you could take a side trip to Switzerland

  13. Wow. That would be awesome if you get to go to Sweden. Good luck!

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  15. I Have nominated your blog for the Ancestor Approved Award. To receive this award please visit my blog FamilyHistory4u at


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