Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 4

Ok, so... there are those who think I am trying to torture them or something by not getting to the "meat of this" adventure sooner. I have been thinking about that. I can understand exactly how someone would feel that way! If I were kicking back reading these posts on someone else's blog, I too would want to know the end result ASAP! So, I thought about bringing you to the here and now, the matters at hand for this very day, giving you the whole enchilada! But as quickly as I thought about doing that, I immediately decided, I can't. That would be so unfair. You wouldn't get to go along and experience this journey with me, as I had to do it, which was little bits at a time, and a lot of waiting! So, no dice! The excursion is for you to follow. Now, let's see where did I leave off?

Oh yes! The company sent me an email message informing me I had been chosen for the second round up! What did the second round up entail? Well, I read this one and it made me laugh! They wanted me to do an online audition! I think that caught me a little off guard and made me a bit nervous at first too!

I was instructed to download a program and follow the directions. Download the program, check. Read the directions, well....maybe the beginning....Oh brother! I needed to have a camera? I wasn't going to go to the store and spend money on a camera for my computer! Ok, for a quick second I thought...well maybe I can buy it, do the interview and return it. But as soon as I thought that, I said, NO WAY, I hate being on camera, and on the computer would be worse. Wow, if I am thinking like this I might as well forget the whole thing! If I can't do this, what would I do in front of a TV camera?

So, I read a little more of the instructions and it dawned on me that I have a built in camera on my laptop already! Duh! This had to mean that I was nervous if I had forgotten about the camera on my laptop! I shut down the computer and walked away from it all at that point. Crazy.

A few days later, while the princess was sleeping and I was the only other person at home, I thought I would check out this audition thing again. I read a bit more this time and decided I wanted to see what it was all about anyway. So, just as I was about to get the first question, after I got everything set up, in walks my husband! I told him "NO! You can't be home now!" So much for my quiet, personal time to check out the audition! Then I thought, oh heck with it and told him, "to stay downstairs in case the princess wakes and I will be upstairs for a bit trying to do the online interview." Off  and up the stairs I went!

The instructions said they were going to ask 5 questions. You could re-do any or all of your answers as you wish, but they prefer you to try to keep most of your first responses. You could start and stop the interview, and review. Ok. Let's get this done! The first question was actually three questions. That threw me off for a minute. I think the second question was fairly easy. The third question took some thought and the fourth question I think was the only one I did a re-do on. By the fifth question, I was telling myself to just answer it! Wow... it was done. I went back and watched it all again. I still wasn't happy with the one question and decided to do it again. After that, I STILL didn't like the take, but started laughing, and said, oh what the heck, just send it, it's not like they are going to pick you anyway! So I sent it.

I walked downstairs laughing and told my husband "that was a real joke! I looked horrible, my eyes bugged out, I made funny faces...OH WHAT A JOKE THAT was!" He proceeded to tell me, again, about how hard I am on myself. "Yea, sometimes, ok most of the time, I am pretty hard on myself, but this time I will show you! The audition I did was HORRIBLE, I STUNK and made a mess out of that!"

At least now I can stop wondering and worrying about this TV adventure it is OVER! I do wish to thank all of you who have been rooting me on with this! It was truly great of you to do that! The idea of going to Sweden is so exciting, and a dream of mine, but I am so sorry, I botched it here.

Oh, but wait, there will be a Part 5 to this! Stay Tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. You are right I don't like to wait! On the other hand I'm loving the serial format of your posts! lol

    I'm certain you did much better on camera than you thought!

  2. Following!!!! Not so patiently.... And my fingers are still crossed.

  3. I actually came in on post #4, How exciting, of course I had to go back and read the first 3 posts and can't wait for the next one! Good luck and I hope you win and will look forward to hearing more about your adventures! Thank you for Sharing

  4. I am waiting for part 5...:)
    Good luck in everything you do!
    ..and of course, You Will Win!

  5. You are way too funny! Keeping us waiting with baited breath. Making us think you completely botched the interview. Your husband is right. You are way too hard on yourself!

    I have complete and utter confidence in your interview skills. Besides, every other person who has applied is in the same boat as you are so you have just as good of a chance.

    Besides, I want to go to Sweden with you! Going vicariously through your blog would be just fine!! LOL

  6. Any kind of audition is scary! The fact you did it is a big deal. Can't wait to hear what happens!

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    Really enjoyed reading the posts for Sweden. It was a nice break from my world right now. Took me away for a few minutes. I bet you will be going to Sweden.

    Linda the Lurker

  8. If only they had one of these in germany, I'd want to go.Your living our dream. I have the fingers crossed.


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