Great Swedish Adventure ~ Part 3

In case you missed them, here are Part 1 and Part 2 which will help Part 3 make more sense!

February 28, 2011

I received an email from a representative of the TV program. She thanked me for my application and interest in the Great Swedish Adventure. She stated this as being "a new exciting reality television series that will be shot and broadcasted in Sweden." Then she informed me that I had been chosen for the "Second Round Up!" 

Seriously? Wow, this was a real surprise! So now what? Well, she said they want to learn more about me and my "Swedish cultural heritage." Ok. I can understand that, I wonder what I need to do for this, the second round up?

I was given information on the casting process ~

Chosen participants for the Great Swedish adventure will compete in extreme cultural challenges to discover their rich and fascinating roots while trying to win the grand prize; MEETING THEIR SWEDISH RELATIVES!

This is my dream right now, to meet my newfound cousins in Sweden. All of the information and the process almost seems surreal to me. It was difficult for me to comprehend that I was actually aware of this adventure, let alone applying to be a part of it. I am setting my sights very low though because I really don't expect this to materialize into anything for many reasons.

Another point brought to my attention on the casting process ~

"If the producers of the Program select you as one of the applicants to take part in the Finalist interview process, you must be willing to travel to chosen city for that final call back.

The producers and casting team will hook up in 2-4 cities somewhere in the US for the final Round Up. I have no idea where they plan to hold those interviews, I would think it would depend on where the last round up of people live.

In connection with the travel for the finalist interviews, 
"The Company" will 
Provide roundtrip economy air transportation to and from the major airport 

Closest to the finalist’s home if the person lives outside of a 250 mile radius of 
Selected City (but, if the finalist lives within a 250 mile radius of selected City
"The Company" will only
provide ground transportation)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't even have to worry about this! I have never done any acting... let alone been on TV. Not sure this is going to work for me. 

Information for the chosen participants included this ~

"The Company" is paying for travel expenses and boarding during the filming period. If selected as a participant, you must be willing to travel to Sweden and be part of the production lasting anything between 8 to 30 days in or around the period: 23 May-5 July

"The Company" will provide each Participant with a Per Diem of XXX dollars per day upon the arrival and departure in Sweden.

Doesn't this sound awfully exciting though? I have tried picturing myself making it all the way to the Final Round Up, imagining in my mind what everything might be like in the end, being one of the contestants on the program. It would be a dream. An out and out dream.

Oh yes, what was I suppose to do for this round up? Watch for Part 4 to find out!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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  1. Wow, Cheryl it is Exciting!! You also write very interesting and exciting.
    ...and all the adventurous you could give them..;) I think there will be a really nice and fun and memorable adventure for you!!

  2. Cheryl, don't chicken out now! Unlike me, you won't have to wear a corset, chop wood and go to the bathroom in the bushes. Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I hope you won't have to sign a non-disclosure contract, because it would be nice to follow along on your adventure.

  3. Sister, you're torturing us. ...

  4. "will compete in extreme cultural challenges"

    How extreme!?

    Part 4!, part 4! - you are such a tease. lol

  5. This is incredibly exciting!! I ditto what Heather says - absolutely no chickening out now! Waiting with baited breath...

  6. Hi Cheryl, I have the same status as you in this show. I emailed them a couple of days ago and asked if they had chosen anyone yet. They said if I am chosen I will hear from them in the next 10 days. That should be by April 8th. Good luck!!


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