"Vintage Crocheted Tablecloth" ~ It's a Miracle!

Well, at least for me it was a miracle!

Back on February 25, 2009 you may remember (or not) that I did a Wordless Wednesday post of a tablecloth. At that time, and up until now it was the only tablecloth like it that I had ever seen.

Let me share a bit of history regarding that tablecloth. Back in about 1978 or 1979 I found a beautiful crocheted tablecloth pattern which I decided to make. I had never made a tablecloth before, but I had crocheted a top from thread. I saw the top modeled on the front page of a magazine and fell in love with it. I taught myself to crochet making that top. It was beautiful, it had long bell lacy sleeves...not sure if I have that top any longer...in fact I made two of them, my girlfriend loved it so much, she wanted one.

Anyway, back to the tablecloth. It was made with circular medallions. I can remember when I made my first ones, it took me four hours to make one medallion.Then they had to be crocheted together with the "webbing" done in between. At that rate, I never thought I would ever be able to finished the tablecloth! The challenge came...my ex-father-in-law said I would never complete the project. That was a mistake! Now I had to finish the tablecloth!

Two years and a baby later, I finished that tablecloth and proudly displayed it on my dining room table. I amazed my ex-father-in-law, and everyone ranted about my tablecloth. Because of the compliments I received I decided to enter it in the local fair. I had never entered anything in a fair before or since that time. This was something new to me. Since I was already entering something in the fair, I decided to enter a few other crochet items also that fit into different categories than my tablecloth.

The day came, I went to the fair to see if any of my projects happened to win a prize. I can't really remember the other projects I entered, but I am thinking maybe a baby blanket and some sort of baby clothes. I will have to look to see if I have pictures of those items anywhere. Lo and behold all but maybe one of my items took first or second place and were displayed with the appropriate ribbons. Wow, I was so surprised! But where was my tablecloth? I hadn't seen it. I walked around the inside of the building again looking for it.

Finally, there it was! In it's own separate case, all by itself, beautifully draped with a "Best of Fair" ribbon! It had received a special award! I was amazed! I also received a silver platter with the date, my name and Best of Fair engraved on it. I was more than stunned. The women who worked the fair started encouraging  me to send my tablecloth on to the State Fair. I thought they were nuts! Besides, it made me a bit nervous just thinking about mailing my tablecloth to Sacramento, or anywhere. What if it got lost? I had many hours involved in making this, I didn't want to loose it. But they kept insisting...so...ok, so I mailed it to Sacramento.

Upon returning from a trip to Lake Tahoe, I stopped at the California State Fair not very optimistic that my tablecloth faired very well in this venue. Long story short, it won first place! Can you believe it? Wow! I still hadn't given myself much credit on what a nice job I had done making this. Nor did I worry very much about the darn thing after it won all the awards.

For many years now, my tablecloth has been put away. The dog I had back in the 80's used to get on top of my antique dining room table (yes, where my tablecloth was displayed) when I wasn't home, and wait for my return. Inevitably, he marked my tablecloth with a few spots that actually look like grease. I need to replace a couple of medallions now, and just haven't done it. My one of a kind, award winning tablecloth...had been packed away, until now.

Two weeks ago I was browsing my Google Reader when I happened upon a craft blog I follow entitled "My Shabby Chateau." This blog was displaying a "Vintage Crocheted Tablecloth." There, right before my eyes was "my"  tablecloth, beautifully displayed! Actually, it really wasn't mine, but it was the exact pattern!

I contacted Donna from the blog and shared my story, along with a link of my tablecloth. She came back to me and said I had "her" tablecloth! To funny. It turns out it is the same exact pattern. Donna's is in white,  mine is ecru. Mine was made for an antique table, hence ecru. My tablecloth has 228 medallions and hers has 180 medallions. The pattern is called Aunt Mary's.

You must now go see her tablecloth and read her story about how she came to owning hers! Her story is here: "Vintage Crocheted Tablecloth."  She has a very beautiful blog! I love her pictures and display! Wow, is she fortunate, and what a story! Thank you Donna for sharing your tablecloth and finally making me realize how "special, and vintage" my tablecloth really is. Maybe now that is it out, I will even repair the few stained medallions.

I really and truly feel now, finally, that my tablecloth is beautiful, well made, vintage and priceless! I just hope my descendants who end up owning it will feel the same way.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

Copyright © 2011 Cheryl Palmer


  1. Cheryl ~ Your tablecloth is beautiful! The detail and design is so delicate. You did a wonderful job on it and I would be beaming all over the place! I sure can see how and why you won first place and the ribbons.

    I am positive that your descendants will treasure this amazing tablecloth. What a great story behind it too!

  2. I love it when things like this happen - we just can't make this stuff up! It is truly a thing of beauty.

  3. Cheryl, what a delightful story! Having crocheted a thing or two in my day, I know how much work you put into what is now your heirloom.

  4. Your tablecloth is beautiful! I think, though, I would be like you and hide it away (to protect it!).

  5. Wahooo! That is beyond beautiful and I can't even begin to imagine how many hours it took to make it. It truly is an heirloom and now that you have written the story down (and I'm sure you are going to keep the story with your table cloth) your descendants will be proud own your priceless, vintage and beautiful table cloth!

  6. Wow, what an amazing coincidence, isn't it? That is SO awesome that your gorgeous tablecloth took ribbons and Best of Show! I am not surprised at all, it is stunning! I can not even begin to imagine all of the hours involved. And thank you so much for linking me to your story, that is super nice of you!

  7. What a great story! You are such a gifted artist and craftswoman, you should put more of your work out on display so others can enjoy your work.

  8. Wow! I wish I saw your post earlier. What a beautiful tablecloth. You have a very special and unique talent. I'd love to see more of your work. (((HUGS)))

  9. Should I happen upon the pattern I will send it to you. it is so beautiful.


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